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Anti ageing skincare: what is that because it’s all got very confusing for consumers

From Oil of Olay to the most expensive skincare brands; the fact is they really have not got a clue about what’s anti ageing and as for botox, fillers and peels well every one looks the worse for them a few years later and the damage to the skin is undeniable

Why are we different and  so very very different? 

Well first of all our understanding of skin anti ageing is also the thinking being used by one of the world most progressive  professors whose head scientific officer of a institute which are saying that they will find a way to keep people healthy till there 150 years old  WOW! thats a big understandings I’m sure you will agree... but it’s true, what these amazing scientists see as the very things which will make humans live to such a  healthy youthfull age is what we are actually using in our produces and guess what ? The other big brands don’t...  In fact it’s a major concern that what the big brands are using is 1. actually speeding up the ageing process and 2. even causing cancers especially skin cancers.

Let me explain more... because this is 15 years of research and will change your understanding of skincare forever!

When we’re young, we are relatively protected against mitochondrial deterioration (mitochondrial is the most important aspect of our cells)   As we age, however, changes within our cells lead to the destruction of mitochondria—paving the way for ageing and that also goes for the skin, with resulting loss of collagen and elastic fibres   ... Super antioxidants are needed to combat the superoxide anions and hydrogen peroxide free radicals which destroy the mitochondrial which is the reason why you get dry skin, prematurely ageing and wrinkles occurring

Now before you think what your using at £5 a bottle to £150 a bottle also does this.... well they don’t

This has even caused scientists to concluding “that nearly all skincare products are ill equipped to really deal or produce substantial results, which is crucial to repair and restore ageing skin because they simply don’t contain the necessary ingredients to impact on such biologic occurrences”

and worse still the very synthetic chemicals used in the brand you will be using actually cause premature ageing. are you using a brand full of harsh chemicals e mail me below and ask you need to know for your wellbeing ...

But that’s not applicable to us.... because we do use the ingredients that speed such decay of the  mitochondrial  and we don’t  use the harsh chemicals which can cause cancers but we do use the very things that slow the decay down, so in effect you have a super anti ageing product range.  

  Our natural unadulterated products  are 100% formulated to be that super antioxidants the skin needs in today’s environment, neutralising & protecting from such damage paying the way for the signs of ageing to be significantly diminished  

No other brand that we know in the world is formulating like this not even organic ones

But don’t take our word for it  why not try some for yourself  free..

  email me  your address and tell me what you use and I will send some of our products free...  yes free

I look forward to hearing from you

e mail me on

 John Hamilton  Cosmetology Dermatologist & SKIN ANTI-AGEING BIOGERONTOLOGIST

Biogerontology is the study of the biological processes of ageing, endeavoring to prevent, slow and even reverse the underlying processes To understand the benefits of our unique formulations click here



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