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Naturopathic & Biogerontology isn’t something you would associate with skin care, yet such a science is the very platform which researches the ageing process with a view to reducing the effects, using natural alternatives.

Did you know ‘Free Radicals’ are the main source of ageing and damage to your skin and collagen levels, ? Did you also know that UVA light is the worse free radicals you come in contact which causes the worst damage. Most people think that an SPF product protects them from these but sadly that's not the case at all.

By using Natural Vital oils on the skin the oils get trapped in the lower dermis, where the oils neutralise the Free Radicals which in turn protect your skin light as well as many other ageing effects that your skin comes into contact with. Natural Oils also enhance and strengthen the hydro lipid film on the skin which keeps it supple, preventing daily damage to collagen fibers.

Natural Elements skincare not only gives you the wellbeing aspect with No harsh chemicals but also the products are ‘super charged’ with the world’s most expensive essential oils to deliver actives which stimulate, protect and repair naturally. The Journal of Investigative dermatology said in 2003 “we should teach people to use products like these because they protect the skin from things like skin cancer”.

People often stay away from natural oils thinking they make the skin oily, well the ‘performance and results’ delivered by the two products used together in the 10 Years Younger kits (facial oil & blending cream) stops that happening completely, using the two products together leaves the skin surface oil free for a natural look or ready for you to apply your makeup. You can expect very different results using this range, you won’t be disappointed...

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