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75 ml Shampoo & Body Wash (for sensitive & allergy prone skin

200.00 Grams
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the 75ml bottle of our   shampoo & body wash

An easy to use coconut foaming gel with all the benefits of a good shampoo and body wash for sensitive & allergy prone skin.

WHY IS THIS A SPECIAL SHAMPOO ? : this product is unlike our others ones in so far it contains 2 ingredients which they don't
1. Is cellulose gel this is the plant gel which coats the hair & skin... cellulous gel was heralded a few years back as the biggest breakthrough in repair of damage skin and hair in Canadian scientific studies
2 We also have another ingredient in this which works on inching flaking scalps when the usual anti dandruff one don't
so all in all a great all round shampoo and body wash
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