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john.png    My name is John Hamilton and I have been at the forefront of biogerontology for nearly 20 years (the study of the ageing process our body's go through) I have combined this with my experience of 20 years in dermatology & skincare. I don’t hold back when it comes to bringing you the truth.. I was one of the first ever to condemn parabens because of a report 20 years ago by Prof O’Conner at Brunel University a study into the hormone disruption by things like parabens.

When it comes to anti ageing products, especially skincare ones no one knows more about it, in fact, if you are using any of the big brands in skin care you are being sold products which simply do not work.

Because they don’t contain what is needed to repel the main source of skin ageing, they are all marketing bull and wasteful fancy packaging and to be fair that sells products, most people are taken in by it all until they start to see things like ageing lines and dry skin even wrinkles.

The sad fact is the many of the chemicals used in such fancy named skincare actually speed up the ageing process of skin.  

All this talk of retinol and peptides is nonsense, yes they can contribute but in no way are they a miracle, the whole synergy of a skin anti ageing product is a combination of factors
The first priority is protection from the main source of damage after all if you slow that happening you don’t need to repair or regenerate

The main professor in this field is someone from Cambridge University whose now in the USA this research of cell decay was also upheld by further research at Stepford & Newcastle universities
"That 90% of ageing is damage from free radical oxidations "
Every single cell, fibre, collagen is damaged by this daily occurrence and all the retinol and peptides etc will do nothing to stop that

To stop the damage you need massive amounts of pure unadulterated antioxidants, in a cream yes they are there but in such a diluted form it's like trying to put a forest fire out with a bucket of water.
Also in cream, they just sit on the surface of the dead skin
Natural oils go further
They are more concentrated
Totally unadulterated
They penetrate further to where the damage is occurring

Now if you already have damage then again natural oils provide what is needed to recover in a form which is usable by the skin and at the different levels.
But talk is easy so let me put my money where my mouth is!
Try some for free
I will at my cost send you some natural organic oils and products free of all cost including post to prove they work better than anything you have used

 email me on john@naturalelementsskincare.com  even call on 1299 253994

We make all our products here in Worcestershire, are suitable for vegan as they are made from all plant compounds.

We do not test on animals and are totally pollutant free to the environment, all packaging don’t have wasteful packaging and fully recyclable


 note we do not use your address or details other than to send you samples