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 john & Karen co founders of natural elements organic Naturopathic  skincare 

Ageing is inevitable. We all get old as the years pass by, many companies simply say embrace it ....Sorry no that’s not from me or my partner Karen or indeed the tens of thousands of customer who we have help to look and feel younger.
Who wants to look old and be geriatric but the problem is there are so many things which say this and that... who do you believe
Well as a couple in their sixties we know a few things about staying youthful in body, mind and skin we’ve had 20 years of researching and creating products which also have reversed the biological age in ourselves by 15 years so what’s the secret?

FACE: well first of all if you have been using the big brands in skincare/ hair care.. sorry but they have been doing very little, as a dermatology gerontology scientist I’m not going to bore you with all the collagen amino acids terms.
Simply this... its natural oils which protect your skin best from ageing without question, creams do very little no matter what they cost creams sit on the surface and keep skin supple that’s it, the molecules in them are diluted and way too big to go anywhere you want or need them to go. SO IF YOUR NOT USING A NATURAL OIL (note; baby & things like bio oil are not natural their petrochemical and that a big negative)
Natural oils if blended precisely totally protect your skin collagen, elastins & cells from the main source of damage i.e. free radicals oxidation, this attacks the skin all the time, stop that and your well on your way to youthful looking skin. Natural oils basically protect you better from air pollution, dehydration, toxins, unhealthy diet, and sun uva exposure this is the UV that cause skin cancer and premature ageing and bypasses your SPF .
We do a range of 6 different facial oils, all are anti ageing but they do different things from different skin types WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY SOME FOR FREE? well just ping us an email with your address and we will send you some to try... if you would like to know more about our facial oils click here

BODY: A the body after years of washing in harsh detergent shower gels and soaps and then covering the skin in body lotions made from synthetic chemicals is it any wonder the skin ages, sags, even dries up? Many people suffer from skin problems because they use horrid chemicals to wash with, the amazing thing about our washes is they don’t use such harsh chemicals but they also have oils in them which kill off the bacteria which attacks the skin, so if you have sensitive skin or suffer from a rash, infection, jock itch, athlete's foot even intimate area infections our nature washes can make a huge different. Body wash click here

Body after washing This is one of the most important things you can do using a natural oil with oils which are anti-inflammatory can impact on many aging ailments this is an area where I personally find a huge benefit... so let me send you some to try you will be amazed just what they can do, they also are great for after sports/ exercise recovery click here to read more about body oils Karen loves to put some of our body oils in the bath and it keeps her skin silky smooth

HAIR: when I see people with thinning hair and look at Karen and mine in our sixties I just know that using natural shampoos/ cond’s is what keep's our hair in tip top condition
Even using one of our body oils once a week as a treatment on the hair will keep the hair in super condition and stimulate growth. We don’t con you by saying you need a body a wash and a shampoo because you don’t at all, shampoos are body washes are re-labelled in the beauty world ... you can use ours to do both and your skin and hair will be the better for it.
Well that’s it if you want samples to try then email me on john@naturalelementsskincare.com or Karen@essentially-yours.co.uk even call on 1299 253994
We make all our products here in Worcestershire and are suitable for vegan as they are made from all plant compounds. We do not test on animals and are totally pollutant free to the environment, all packaging don’t have wasteful outers and fully recyclable


 note we do not use your address or details other than to send you samples