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Natural Products for Mature Skin


Karen Blackmore...Co-founder of Natural Elements Skincare 61 this year 

I often hear “your skin is amazing what do you use” 
I’ve been banging on about using ‘harsh chemical free products’ for as long as I can remember for health reasons 
 also using natural oils which stop and reverse all the damage. 

When we’re young, skin texture tends to appear much the same for all of us, it’s only as we age that there’s a noticeable difference. Most of us hang on to old habits, beauty routines and products, which are useless when you are over 50  hiding it with makeup because it’s quick and easy but cause even more ageing in the long run. 

So if you’re looking for something NEW in your 50's  60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond,
that can really give you a more natural youthful skin, protecting you better from things like skin cancers, ageing spots, wrinkles and sagging skin

then why not try with my complements for a few days what works for me  

Just Email your name and address details and

I’ll arrange to send them in the post.

Email: karen@essentially-yours.co.uk

Change is a leap of faith and it requires trust, so stop wishing your skin looked great and let us help you look amazing for your age now...

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