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No: 7 Body Massage Oil 250ml (UVA Sun Protection)

270.00 Grams
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This is our ultra-sensitive & Allergy prone skin body oil. Suitable for all skin    
types especially people with highly reactive sensitive skin and people that are         
allergy prone. The ultra-sensitive body oil contains 3 vital ingredients, the most
neutralising natural oils which fight against free radical damage, as well as
stimulating melanin production & preventing UVA light damage (the biggest
cause of skin damage and ageing to the skin).
Grapeseed – antioxidant , protects from UVA free radical damage, reinforces
the hydrolipid film.
Peach - nourishing, refreshes.
Avocado - Contains vitamins C & E strong antioxidant properties, preventing
free radical damage, a good natural moisturiser.


UVA Protection

 Cases of skin cancer have risen five times higher than they were during the mid 1970’s, according to Cancer Research UK. Even people who have always worn SPF protection or who
have never exposed themselvesto the sun for long periods of time are also claiming to have beendiagnosed with the disease.
How is this possible? The hidden danger is UVA, which many high street sunscreens do not offer protection against. It is important that you protect yourself against UVA, as UVA penetrates the
skin to the deep layers of the dermis, close to your nerves and glands, and mutates cells that are being formed in the lower dermis.
UVA is a radiation photon free radical that is present everywhere there is light, all year round. So, even in the shade or through a window, you are not protected.
Here at Essentially Yours/Natural elements , we havefound that vital oils can neutralise UVA free radical rays because of huge amounts of antioxidants in them. That’s why we have created
the perfect natural alternative to products full of chemicals, which maybe causing more damage than good.
Even things like prickly heat don’t occur after applying the oil first. This ultra-sensitive body oil has been developed using many different antioxidant vital oils to neutralise UVA rays. It also helps protect
against UVB, ie the surface burn, naturally speeding up the skin’sown defence by encouraging the melanin to react quicker.

Professor Brian Cox explained last year in his TV programmes that it is through melanin that animals are able to survive in the sun on mountainsand deserts.



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