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2001: Our Story


in 2001 Natural Elements came to be. There was no big launch, no champagne and canapes, no celebrity endorsement. Natural Elements came to exist because of overwhelming demand by professional Beauty Therapists.

Salons & spas across the UK were concerned about how their customers were commenting on parabens and preservatives in skin care. Natural Elements was the first ground breaking Natural skincare range not to use Parabens in a professional beauty range. Over a Decade later the range was used and sold through a 1000 professional salons and therapists across the world and considered by those in the know that Natural Elements was the no.1 Natural skincare range for professional use, especially for Anti-Ageing. The largest beauty training school in Great Britain was using Natural Elements to train their new students.



Is it magic? Not quite but the process of making natural products is a long and difficult one. You properly think with so many natural or organic brands out there it’s pretty easy now. But to make truly effective natural skin care it takes a scientific understanding of every ingredients molecular structure, to blend a product that will be absorbed through a bodies biology. In 2001 no one understood how that worked….except a Research & development centre in Worcester called The Essentially Yours Company.


 in 1998, Maverick businessman and Cosmetic Dermatologist adviser on natural anti-ageing…John Hamilton, along with Businesswoman and environmental activist supporter Karen Blackmore, set up The Essentially Yours Company. With a team of Pharmaceutical trained Scientists, They decided to fulfil their ambitions and a mutual hobby in Naturopathic medicine to bring together a small team to study molecular formulating using Phytotherapy ingredients (that’s plants and vegetables with nutrition In them to us) and develop products which can be applied and absorbed through skin tissue. They would go on to lead the way in natural and organic formulations for the next 20 years.

But in 1998 it took 2 and half years to develop the first perfect formulation with optimum quality and outstanding aroma. It was a long and patient process done by hand as they watched every detail of the process to ensure the oil and cream began to take shape and didn’t ‘split’. If the batch was not up to standards, then they began the process again. This process still occurs today, all the products they make are made in small batches to ensure quality and purity, which means the product you buy today will be as fresh and as benefiting as the fruit on your table.

The Company went on to be at the forefront of developing advanced Botanical formulations long before the trend started in the beauty industry. Karen & John were ahead of their time & hailed as innovators by some; striving to break the mould in an industry that had become the bench mark for using man-made petrol-chemicals. But many believed the concept wouldn’t work and believed the only solution was Cosmeceutical to help skin problems or boost collagen levels. But some people used to think the world was flat….

Essentially Yours helped build the Natural and organic movement in personal care products for the next 2 decades, formulating for the biggest brands in the world, pioneering methods in solving specific issues using natural ingredients and continuing to bring cutting edge research and development from its centre in the UK.

 “We became the natural balance to a chemical world. But no one knew it was us leading the charge. We were the figure heads telling people back stage that the world had to change its idea about petro-chemicals, especially from an environmental point of you. But people were making too much money. It was really the power of the people who changed this industry through their buying power” John Hamilton, Co-founder of Natural Elements

Karen, John and their science team continue to research, develop and manufacturer Natural Elements from The Essentially Yours Centre in Worcestershire and continue their promise to teach, educate and advice people about the good and bad ingredients used in today’s cosmetic products.



At spring time in 2001 the demand grew from the professional beauty world for a range of Natural products to be used in spa treatments. In those days things were very basic, the labels were plain and most items came only in 1 litre sizes for professionals. Even the name ‘Natural Elements’ came from the science team who would give newly created formulations the code name ‘Natural Element 1116’. If you were a professional therapist you were often sent a large bottle which said ‘Natural Element 1116, sandalwood & Juniper, Anti-Ageing facial oil’ and ingredients list. A label printed from the office printer. There was no need for branding or clever packaging, the product spoke for itself.

The packaging was minimal but the product inside was far from it. The company was developing products with some of the biggest breakthroughs in anti-ageing. For example, we were the first to usenanocrystalline cellulose! Which, in 2012, Janelle Tam from Ontario won first place in the Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge in Canada (SBCC) in the ‘how will you change the world?’ category for her application in nanocrystalline cellulose research. She proved that Cellulose from plants was a powerful antioxidant and may be superior to Vitamin C or E because it is more stable, and its effectiveness will not diminish as quickly. We had already been using it in our formulations since 2001! We didn’t get a prize.

Natural Elements became the quintessential British Anti-Ageing range containing the best elegant botanical extracts, luxurious vital oils & high grade Essential oils. Described by the leading celebrity beauty therapist in 2008 “the textures are like silk. Heavenly smells. They’re genuinely beautiful. Why isn’t everyone using this?”

‘Why use an imitation when you can use the real thing?’   

The boom came! In end of the 2000’s Natural products were in and people began to recognise petro-chemicals were pretty bad for us. Many skincare ranges started to imitate ‘Natural’ or contain small traces of natural ingredients in their products to capitalise on the organic movement. At Natural Elements we strived to be consistently & genuinely the highest quality in Natural skincare and stayed loyal to our beauty therapists and Spas, remaining an exclusive beauty range until 2011.

That’s why Natural Elements was so unusual; we strived for excellence but never compromised on our beliefs or ethics. At the same time, we looked at the delusions and misconceptions that many skincare brands promised to consumers and became appalled at the lies the public were being sold.

“I learnt that this industry can be and may always will be...very deceitful to its customers. Buying skincare brands on the high street is the equivalent of buying fast food, the products are mass produced, mass marketed and contain long lists of harsh chemical ingredients but the ‘marketers’ would have you believe that you’re buying a wonderful gourmet dish with the gourmet price tag to match. Like the top chefs from around the world who pride themselves on quality ingredients over gimmicks, we believe it should be the same for Natural skincare. What makes their food taste better and what makes our skincare work better is simply down to quality ingredients! Just like making a soufflé, it must be perfectly refined, measured and blended together for the soufflé to rise in the oven and come out just perfect. But a perfect soufflé also must taste nice, otherwise… what’s the point! Natural skincare is just the same and Natural Anti-Ageing has to work otherwise… what’s the point!” Karen Blackmore, Co-founder of Natural Elements.

We’re proud to say Natural Elements was only available for beauty professionals but now available for everyone! Welcome to True Natural Skin Care.