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Anti ageing FACE TREATMENT KIT ( 4 items)

  WOW kits stands for War On Wrinkles plus kits © is specially put together by our co founder Karen to have in it exactly what you need to use for a full skincare routine with the best anti-ageing results... It’s what she uses        

How does this  kit work: based on the true benefits of enriched vital oils & pure essential oils, these blends are loaded with Vitamins and Omegas to feed and nourish your skin. Each WOW kit contains highly effective anti-oxidants to neutralise super-charged free radicals (think super food in skin care form). These ingredients offer formidable ‘free radical-scavenging’ which protects skin cells from the ageing process, plus 100% natural plant extracts which are the building blocks for amino acids, a vital part of healthy youthful skin. 

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