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Anti-Cellulite INCH LOSS

*results can vary from person to person* cell-photo.jpg

Straight from the Professional Spa:

A couple of years ago we developed a Spa Treatment for body rejuvenation, combining our Body Polish, body oil and lavender body lotion.

The results were very positive; it improved body circulation, skin rejuvenation (super soft!) and Inch Loss! Yes that’s right Inch Loss. The results have been staggering (even surprising us) and we’ve converted the spa treatment into a home treatment for our customers.

We’ve posted some before or after shots; these photos haven’t been photoshopped or altered and supplied by our customers without request. They simply emailed us saying they were initially sceptical but after several trials at home they gained (or lost for a better word) some incredible real results. Still only using Natural Botanical ingredients the natural actives help strengthen skin cells and improve circulation, so in essence Natural ELements products provides essential nutrients to help the body repair itself.

Here’s the full home routine to the inch loss treatment plan:


As the gel penetrates it induces a rapid cooling effect followed by Vaso-constriction within the cell tissue, metabolism is increased and calories fats burned, Essential oils create stimulation of stagnate cells thus drainage SEE PRODUCTS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE 

All you have to do is use cling film with the product


 *results can vary from person to person*


*results can vary from person to person*

*results can vary from person to person*celulite-wrape-how-to-use.pub-salon.jpg

celulite-anti-photo.jpg*results can vary from person to person*