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A New Season Resolution: Ageing Prevention

A New Season Resolution: Ageing Prevention

Posted by Kelly Duncan on 7th Sep 2018

We’re officially waking up to brisk winds, bright blue skies and many orange leaves! I love Autumn. It’s still bright and sunny but you swap your dresses for big jumpers and can get all cosy in front of the fire again.

With my brewing obsession with the new season, I’ve been reading a lot about what really changes for us, despite the obvious, and how we should adapt to those changes in the Autumn time. I read an article on Bazaar about ‘Could September be the new January’. We all associate New Year with the classic ‘New Year, New Me’ and many of us set ourselves goals that we, realistically, find rather difficult to keep. However, it has been said that many of us are ‘happier’ in September. We enjoy the sunshine, the lighter days and supposedly the effects of a summer holiday can result in our brains producing more serotonin which is known as the ‘happiness hormone’. (My new favourite hormone).

So, if we are all happier in September, let’s make September our time for change.

Being happy isn’t exactly going to reverse 50 years of laughter lines but being happy and healthy makes everything better. Trust us, it really does. We often talk about well-being and following a balanced lifestyle as part of our skin care recommendations which to some may sound silly, but we’ve always found that those who have genuinely invested their energy into a better well-being, will reap more rewards from anything they eat or apply to their skin. It’s better to have all these factors working together, rather than against each other. Those who live an unhealthy lifestyle are asking any good things they do to take part in an uphill battle with what their body is trying to do, get rid of the toxins!

If we could write a list of ‘New Season Resolutions’ for you all to follow, it would be these:

Stay hydrated- our skin is going to be the driest it’s been all year. Drink lots of water, moisturise every day and don’t use any harsh synthetic chemical shower gels or creams (they will strip your skin of all the goodness & make it drier)

Don’t forget about UVA Protection! Just because it’s not hot, doesn’t mean you can’t get sun damage. During the winter we are closer to the sun, so the UVA damage risk is higher. Of course, we recommend our own oils but just try to avoid SPF unless totally necessary and use natural UVA protection.

Opt for a richer day cream or start using a nice night cream, if you weren’t already.

Eat lots of wholesome, nutritious food and avoid the processed stuff. Processed is so easy and I myself am guilty of opting for ease rather than goodness at times so we’re not saying don’t enjoy yourself but just be healthy and make healthier choices. Fancy a cake? Have some fruit. Fancy some crisps? Have some nuts.

Exercise. It’s a bit of a swear word, I know but the benefits for people of all ages doing regular exercise is phenomenal. Even just a quick walk with your partner or your dog in the morning everyday is better than nothing!

Let us know if you’ve already set yourself some goals on Facebook or Instagram! We’d love to hear from you all.

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