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Being hairy could be good for your skin and here is why..

Being hairy could be good for your skin and here is why..

Posted by Kelly Duncan on 4th May 2018

Body hair is like Marmite, you love it or hate it. Embrace it or get rid.

It's important to note here that there is no right or wrong for personal preference! HOWEVER, leaving your body hair au naturel could be better for your skin and here is why.

Professor Tobin of Cell Biology at the University of Bradford explained how 'Each hair follicle is not just producing a hair fibre, but also has masses of blood vessels, nerves and fat around it.'

Hair follicles are also rich in stem cells - cells that never lose the capacity to renew themselves - which help the skin heal.

'If you compared a wound on the outside of a man's arm, where the hair follicles are larger and more numerous, with a wound on the inside of the arm, the one on the outside would heal better, because of the increased stem cells and blood supply, among other factors,' said Professor Tobin. Interesting!

In the same way, a bald scalp copes less well with cuts and bruising than a hairy scalp because of the lack of healthy follicles. As we age, follicles shrink and while people who lose hair will still have some stem cells, their healing capacity may be reduced.

The good news is that removing hair through shaving or waxing won't reduce these benefits because the hair follicles are still intact.

The question you were all thinking when you read the title- au naturel down there?

Again, it's all about personal preference and there's definitely a generational impact here. However hair prevents chafing in areas where your skin rubs against each other, like your armpits or bikini area. Which are also the biggest areas being stripped of all hair.

'Even the finest hair coverage on the body provides this glide buffer zone,' says Professor Tobin.

'So, some people who shave under their arms find it's uncomfortable to move their arms against the side of their body - like a carpet burn.'

Meanwhile, women who repeatedly use hair removal methods around their bikini line may find that this can sometimes cause a minor infection called folliculitis - disrupting the hair follicle may allow bacteria to get into the hair's root.

'Because there is a high concentration of follicles in this area, and increased sweat (on which bacteria feed), the chances of an infection are higher,' says Mr Ugwumadu, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at St George's Hospital, London.

Well, this is us embracing the hair right now: