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Plane Essentials

Plane Essentials

Posted by Kelly Duncan on 31st Aug 2018

Convinced you’re going to walk off the plane with a face resembling a prune and ankles the size of watermelons? We’ve all been there! So, we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to stay your beautiful self before, during and after a flight!

Let’s start with BEFORE. You’ve spent more money on kaftans, holiday dresses and pretty sandals than the holiday itself, you’ve had your roots done, nails are painted, airport outfit picked, you’ve just got to get you (and maybe your kids and husband) ready to go!

Shower with Invigorating body wash to detoxify the skin and refresh the mind. The Peppermint will improve circulation and decrease the chance of those swollen ankles!

Cleanse your face with the Clarifying Face Wash. The ultimate in prep for your skincare routine, the Cellulose Gel & Passion Flower combination delivers rich antioxidants to help protect your skin against environmental damage and provide anti-ageing protection.

Don’t wear makeup, or just keep it very minimal with a light BB cream

Have a healthy smoothie for breakfast. Ginger, turmeric, Orange juice, blueberries & Avocado are a great combination to get your body active, boost your metabolism and it’ll keep you fuller for longer, meaning you don’t eat too many Pear Drops and Minstrels on the plane.

You’ve successfully tried on every pair of glasses in Sunglass Hut, bought more gossip mags and Pear Drops than you’re proud of from WH Smiths and made your way to the gate 457, obviously. So, DURING your flight.

Don’t touch your face! Think of all the germs and bacteria you have picked up whilst trying on all those glasses and flicking through the magazines before you picked the ones you wanted.

Apply the Uplifting Facial Oil to replenish precious moisture, accelerate repair and create an impenetrable barrier between your complexion and environmental stresses. Not only that, this Oil will stimulate collagen production, fade pigmentation and enhance suppleness leaving your skin looking smooth, lifted and luminous. This Oil is also FAB to run through the ends of your hair whilst you’re on the plane to keep it from drying out.

Once the Oil has absorbed into your skin, apply the Rejuvenating cream on top to block in the goodness from the Oil and create a barrier to any outside pollution. On top of the Oil, the Rejuvenating Cream will tighten pores and decrease imperfections whilst leaving the complexion even and radiant, for flawless skin.

Don’t forget your eyes! Assuming you don’t have fresh Cucumber slices to hand whilst on the plane, apply the Eye Firming Cream for fresh, younger looking eyes. Great for use on the neck and décolleté too.

Unless your Doctor has recommended the use of inflight stockings, we’ve found that remove shoes and socks whilst you’re comfortable is great for making sure there is nothing tight on your feet preventing blood flow.

Rotate your ankles in a circular motion to keep up circulation and prevent the dreaded swollen ankles! We found a great post on Huffington Post about Yoga Moves on planes. Check it out here

Unfortunately, you should also be swapping those Vodkas for Water. Get friendly with your seat neighbour, you’ll be needing the loo a lot. Alcohol is massively dehydrating and drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated, allow you to feel less tired and reduce puffiness in your skin.

If you wear contact lenses, opt for your glasses whilst you’re on the plane. You could find yourself with very dry, irritated eyes if you keep your contacts in, especially if it’s a long-haul flight.

AFTER. You made it through the 13 ‘excuse me, can I get past’ loo trips, the kid behind you finally stopped kicking your chair, you managed to avoid the refreshments cart and now you just need to tackle Passport Control and get your luggage. Treat yourself on your transfer to the hotel with a little skin-pick-me-up!

If you can quickly sneak to the bathroom before leaving the airport and the holiday heat hits you, have a really quick, 30 second cleanse with the Clarifying Face Wash again. Remove any impurities you may have picked up on your skin whilst on the plane.

Reapply the Uplifting Oil to retain any lost moisture and give your skin a luminous look. Remember you don’t need a lot of Oil, 1-3 drops are just right depending on how dry your skin tends to be.

Similarly to your ‘during’ routine, apply the Rejuvenating Cream once the Oil has soaked into your skin for a moment or two to add to the flawless and radiant look.