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3 foods to avoid in the afternoon

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 21 March 2019

3 foods to avoid after 2pm because they’ll slow down your metabolism

How many times have you sat there at 9pm you really fancy some cheese and crackers but you just know eating at this time of night is going to cause havoc & the heartburn just isn’t worth it. Yeh, me too. The key to late night snacking is picking the right foods. If you’re hungry, you should eat! But for some pepper stick and hummus instead of the cheese and crackers (mmm pickle).

Picking the perfect protein rich, low calorie, ‘medium’ carb & low sugar diets can feel impossible for the normal person that still has to live a normal life so we’re not here to advise on a strict diet! However, there are some simple foods that you can avoid at certain times of the day to stop your metabolism slowing down and avoid that uncalled-for weight gain.

  • 1.Sweets

Even though we all know it, it’s still not nice to hear really is it. But yes, naughty treats, whilst delicious & sometimes worth it, can throw your metabolism into a bit of a meltdown. Making a habit of consuming sweet treats too late in the day doesn’t give your body chance to burn the calories. It can also make you feel anxious & on edge having the unnecessary sugar intake later in the day.

Jillian Michaels, former The Biggest Loser trainer and creator of the My Fitness app, told Well + Good the sugar spikes we experience after eating a yummy dessert also cause changes in our cortisol and insulin levels, causing them to increase. If you indulge in these sugary foods too often, you can throw your metabolism out of whack because of all of these sudden hormonal changes.

  • 2.Processed White Grains

You may be used to eating a big breakfast that includes eggs and white bread or another kind of starch food and that’s absolutely fine. Breakfast time means it’s early enough for your body to work through the processed grains. The key word here is processed. Processed grains share very little in common with whole grain products like brown rice or oatmeal.

Having processed grains later on in the day can have a similar effect to the eating of sugary foods later in the day, it increases your insulin levels & slows down your metabolism.

“When consumed in excess, refined grains can provide you with high levels of certain compounds that may hurt your metabolism, including gluten, lots of starch, and phytic acid,” Josh Axe, founder of Ancient Nutrition and, told Well + Good. “Many packaged grain products also contain lots of added sugar, salt, synthetic preservatives, and are ‘fortified’ with synthetic vitamins and minerals that can be hard to metabolize properly.”

  • 3.Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Not to be confused with Omega-3 fatty acids, these are good fatty acids found in foods like salmon, avocado and almonds. You’ll find very few people that don’t recommend you eat those! It’s the naughty relative of Omega-3 that you should be weary of. Omega-6. It’s found in things like butter, processed pork & even desserts. No-ones every recommended eating a stick of butter, have they? It can cause inflammation in the body which can lead to weight gain & disease and you guessed it, slow down your metabolism.

You shouldn’t cut Omega-6 foods out of your diet completely though, they contain an essential nutrient called linoleic acid but just don’t get them confused with Omega-3s!

“The American diet used to be balanced in both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids,” Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, CEO of F-Factor in New York City, told Runner’s World. “But today, higher processing has left our country filled with vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats, both high sources of omega-6, which are pro-inflammatory, and the consumption of these are correlated with obesity.”



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