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A Q&A with Natural Elements Co-Founder John Hamilton

Written by John Hamilton


Posted on 14 August 2020

Tell us more about yourself and Natural Elements Skincare

 I came into this industry 22 years ago when I met a formulator/ chemist who was at the forefront of making products from plant extracts rather than Petro or Synthetic chemicals. Over the last 20 years I became hugely interested in what causes ageing to cells and indeed what causes them problems. I have studied bio-gerontology dermatology and senescence in humans. While I play second fiddle to the professors involved in making humans live longer and healthier I take their research and find the chemicals in plants that they show slow down and protect human cells from decay and mutation and make products that carry them in a format which can be used by people to slow that ageing process down.

 What was your inspiration behind creating Natural Elements?

To create products which did not use harsh synthetic or petrol chemicals… I thought the best quote I ever see was’ naturals heal, synthetics don’t’

What distinguishes Natural Elements from other ‘natural’ mainstream skincare brands out there?

Getting the product in a form which the cells can benefit from is the most difficult of all. Just bringing a cream gel or serum together is not a real skincare benefit, this is where most brands get it completely wrong. The plant molecule not only has to be the right one, from the right source  but in a structure that can work at a molecular level  this where anti-ageing and indeed all skincare starts and finishes Most big brands just go for the fad at the time in ingredients.

The skin is the biggest organ and collection of cells which are bombard daily with damage, protecting it is our primary purpose. To do this you must first realise this is not about using glycerine on the surface to make it feel nice but digging deep into the research into longitude and health of cells. So besides following all the studies of the world leading scientists in this we also work with universities to find the best protectors in plants to be super effective.

 What are your favourite products and why? Anti-Ageing is my priority so oils are the key to this I develop my oils so as to get a bit of everything but something I discovered a while ago which I have developed into a routine see below (I also like our tightening serum  which has done wonders for any areas which are showing a mid-sixties sagging or crepeyness)

What is your morning and evening skincare routine?

Well shower, exfoliate face in the shower with the konjac sponge once a week, then after washing I take one of our body oils and use it in the shower with the shower water running, that is amazing for your skin and your health and one day when I’m finished my universities research I will prove its probably the most health longitude of live and preventer of ageing ailments that you can do.

Out of the shower I take the healing oil and use it to wet shave with then one of the face oils and apply. In summer I use the uplifting as it has the best UVA protection (other than the actual sun oil synergistic) if you are a woman and wear makeup, apply our cream on top or with the oil to give you a matt finish, then you have super anti-ageing protection and a barrier to the harsh chemicals in make up .

 What are the most common skincare issues people ask you about?

Sensitivity is all together what many people suffer from, years of using harsh synthetic chemicals has got the skin cell to the point they cannot cope especially if they are using burning off skin AHA/retinols etc.  Then along comes ageing and people in mid 40’s wonder why their skin is ageing fast  when they get to the fifties, it's hit the panic button  because what they have been using is not working, never worked or being an irritant now.

When you're younger you could put anything on your skin because your cells are being produced in huge amounts and everything is still younger, it's ageing skin skin which needs help and only certain naturals in certain form will do… yes of course if the younger ones would do what we say now they they would have much younger skin as they get older

 What is the one piece of skincare advice you wish everyone knew?

Apply oils to protect in the morning before make up, then our moisturiser to get a matt finish for make up and use a body oil in the shower after washing and use a different oil or the morning one at night to repair. Natural oils and I do not just mean essential oils but the vital oils because this is where everything we humans need for our cells sits, all the vitamins, minerals, omegas fatty & amino acids the building blocks of cells and collagen all are in a concentrated form in certain natural oils.  

 What is coming up for Natural Elements over the next six months? Any new products?

Yes, we have very game changing products coming out later this year so get on our mailing list to receive details HERE

 Where do you get inspiration from to develop new products?

Mostly form university research or the scientists looking to have people live longer and healthier nobody wants to be a geriatric or look old as we age and many of today’s naturals will be tomorrow’s preventive medicine ... what this space

 Are trends important to you?

Not at all, they tend to be from advertising /marketing people who would not know a telomere from a mitochondria cell!

 Your products are made in the UK, where are they developed and how involved are you in the process?

We are involved at every aspect of developing and manufacturing here in Worcestershire.

 What do you think the future of skincare is?

Well 10-20 years ago I thought that most skincare would be natural by now but if anything, it is got worse, more Petrochemicals, more synthetics, and irritating chemicals. In the natural world there has been an expansion of brands using naturals, but many are poor or laced with synthetics, not at all what I expected 20 years on … we are still leaders not followers