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Pigmentation. Sun Spots. Liver Spots. Brown Patches

Pigmentation. Sun Spots. Liver Spots. Brown Patches

What is Pigmentation? 

Pigmentation is a common but confidence sapping condition, in which patches of skin become darker in colour than the surrounding skin. These dark patches occur when an excess of melanin forms deposits in the skin. People with darker skin tones can get white patches appearing, its very common with drivers in the uk on the right hand side of the face and in left hand drive countries on the left side of the face as the main cause is UVA which can go through glass and even bypass most sun screens. 

How to cure Pigmentation

Deep skin peels or laser treatments don't work very well they are short lived as the marks come back quickly and can even leave scars.

The good news is natural oils can fade them when used every day, they can also stop them coming back as well... where as spf/sun blocks don't

Here are the two best oils for this, click on links, they are also are hugely anti ageing so you get two great benafits 

 Recovery Oil for Dry and Mature skin is reducing their pigmentation. This oil is one of our potent mixes of natural antioxidants 

and then our Revital oil also fades them  


You need to be using them daily & night to get the full effect, which is over a number of weeks, but you also get a huge up lift in anti-ageing as they are full of the best anti-ageing oils. If you have dry skin, they are wonderful at address this also ...if you would like to try some then go to the sample page at the top of the web site marked samples 

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all our products are 99% to 100% natural even the preservative system is from plant and we have very low environmental impact  as all packaging are from recycled and recyclable again compounds… even the delivery boxes and protective packaging


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