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Changing Seasons and Your Skin

Written by John Hamilton


Posted on 15 September 2020

We may be enjoying an Indian Summer in the UK this week but Autumn is in the air. Just as we change our wardrobes and food choices from season to season, it’s important to update your skincare routines too. Temperature, humidity and other environmental stresses which change seasonally all can have an impact on your skin.

Central heating can remove moisture from the air and dramatic temperature changes can be a lot for your skin to cope with. Tailoring your skincare seasonally helps support your skin through any environmental changes.

My skin is feeling dehydrated:

Summer heat and the transition from no heating to heating in home can leave the skin dehydrated, we suggest using Hydrating Facial Oil, a hydrating blend of powerful antioxidant oils to hydrate and soothe.


We also suggest adding a drop of our facial oils to your cleanser to enrich the formulation for the colder months. This combination also makes a great makeup remover - even waterproof mascara


I have post summer pigmentation:

If you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation or melasma caused by sun exposure Recovery Oil is a luxurious blend of Peach, Rosehip, Maderin and Frankincense oils which not only tackle discolouration and uneven skin tone but also fights free radical damage and stimulates cell growth and cell regeneration for a rejuvenated appearance.


The skin on my body feels dry and tight

If you’ve been lucky enough to get away this year, you may be feeling the effects of drying sea water and chlorinated pools. If your skin is feeling in need of nourishment Replenishing Body Oil is a fragrant blend of Rose, Geranium Peach and Avocado oils, all rich in fatty acids which leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and glowing.


My skin has become really sensitive and reactive

Seasonal changes can upset the calmest of complexions. Our Therapeutics range for sensitive and allergic skin is a range of products that calms and soothes hyper-sensitive skin, reducing inflammation and redness in days.


My eczema always flares up in winter

Dramatic changes in temperature can affect eczema sufferers. We advise ensure your skincare routines are free from synthetic chemicals, read why we think this in our blog about ingredients HERE. While there are no identifiable causes of Eczema, there are possible causes that have been identified by dermatologists. Our Therapeutics range uses natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to support healthy skin cells, reducing the skin's susceptibility to Eczema.


My skin is lacking in vitality

As autumn descends, skin can be left looking less glowy than in the summer months. To get your glow on we suggest using our Konjac exfoliating sponge as a gentle weekly exfoliator to slough off dead skin followed by tightening face serum to improve elasticity and Holistic Facial Oil to stimulate the circulation and skin leaving you with a healthy glow


Help! My hands are dry and cracked

With the use of high alcohol hand sanitisers on the rise and increased hand washing, hands can be left dry, sore and cracked - which makes you more susceptible to viruses and bacteria entering the body. Our Purifying Hand Gel has been formulated with antibacterial and antiviral Tea Tree and Lavender Oils, Luxury Hand Wash thoroughly cleanses without drying and our Moisturising Cream help repair and protect against cracked, damaged, dry, sore skin.