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"check out that girls cellulite!?”

Written by Jonathan Hamilton


Posted on 04 April 2019

My girlfriend and I are thinking about a bank holiday break. Somewhere warm with sandy beaches and cocktails with umbrellas. The conversation went on to bikini’s (not for me obviously) and my girlfriend spent the following 30 minutes scrolling through her top 5 sites (M&S, Debenhams, boohoo, etc) to find her sighing regularly scrolling through the product images. “what’s wrong?” I asked. “I can’t wear this colour. It’s going to show up my cellulite”

So, I found myself in a diplomatic situation worse than any politician on question time. You know what I mean, ladies! when you ask your partner if the dress makes you look bigger; If they were to say no…you’re clearly not really paying attention and don’t care about her. If you say yes!...Oh dear god, why would you do that!?

We shouldn’t have to worry about things like cellulite. It’s perfectly natural for women to have. its part of the human anatomy to thicken the skin around that area to form additional protection during motherhood. But, we live in a world run by peer pressure and that pressure to be perfect (just like the airbrushed models on Instagram) means modern women shouldn’t have a single blemish.

As a heterosexual man I couldn’t care less. But, I know she’s not concerned about my feelings on cellulite. She’s concerned about her peers; the other girls on the beach who look perfect, who got lucky with genetics or properly spend 2 hours getting ready for the beach that morning. She’s worried as she walks past them on the sun loungers they’ll look over and mutter under their breath to a friend “god, check out that girls cellulite!?”

You shouldn’t care! But, we do. Will things change? As a society will we no longer care what other people think about us? Pretty unlikely. Some of us will be brave and embrace it. Models like iskra, found on Instagram and YOUTUBE who have embraced what the model industry perceives as ‘faults’ and created a empowering career move in the process.

Then there is some women (like my girlfriend) who find it hard to ignore. If you are conscious about cellulite you can do something about. It’s not 100% but the anti-cellulite treatment will really make a difference. It helps the appearance of cellulite and its really simple to use.

We originally designed it for a spa about 10 years ago as a natural treatment. The spa originally had a very fancy ‘lifting’ machine that cost thousands of pounds and wasn’t working for clients. So, they took the machine out and started performing this treatment. It was a huge success for them and we eventually made the kit available for our customers. Kelly, our digital marketing manager, swears by it now (who was sceptical at first).

If your interested click here to find out more about the kit.

For now you'll find me in our bathroom wrapping my partner in cling film...



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