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Could Biodynamic Wine be the answer to our No Hangover questions?

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 31 May 2018

We live in bizarre times! Our Grandparents would never have imagined a world where every household has 5 bins, the supermarket charges you 5p a bag so you carry your own shopping home and people voluntarily live on a Vegan diet.

But such is reality and we LOVE it really! Whether we do it because we want to or so that we have something new to share with our 'book club', we like it either way! Every individual is starting to accept responsibility for their environmental future. Not only do we now think about the Planet but we now think about what we're putting into our bodies and how good it is for us.

Now things are about to get stranger (and a little interesting) when our topic of the week is our little sweet treat that we call alcohol. Wine in particular.

Let me introduce you to Biodynamic Wines!

So, could Biodynamic Wine be the answer to our ‘No Hangover?’ prayers? Simply, yes. But also no. Okay that isn't simple. The very nature of Biodynamic wine means that no chemicals or fertilizers are allowed which, drum roll please... means it's Sulphite FREE which is great news because those little Sulphite Preservatives are the naughties that give us all that wretched wine hangover.

Ever woken up after a few beverages with a very attractive wheezy cough but haven’t touched a cigarette? Or ‘that alcohol rash’? That’s the Sulphites at work!

Sulphites are used to preserve food from going off. Without Sulphites White Wine would be Brownish Wine! They are found in their largest quantities in Wine, Cider and some Beers but also in many preserved foods like dried fruit, soy sauce, jam and fruit juice made from concentrate. Asthmatics seem to be particularly susceptible to reactions to Sulphites.

How and why do some people react to this? There are two theories here. In short, 1 is that if you have a lack of the enzyme that converts sulphites into sulphates then those people experience the ‘reaction’ because of the side effects from not being able to convert it. The other is simply that when you swallow there’s an inhalation effect because you’re creating a bit of sulphur dioxide and that causes the wheeze and other symptoms.

Whilst there is no concrete Scientific evidence to suggest the ‘no hangover wine’ claim is 100% true, it has been tried and tested by many and the majority have agreed that there is no hangover.

But (and here’s where it gets a little weird) Biodynamic is more than Organic Wine. The processes are different, and the results are different. Organic Wine is produced by using Organic grapes. Biodynamic farming takes other factors into account when farming, such as the lunar calendar and astrology. Biodynamic Farming is more about the entire ecosystem of the Vineyard so the plants, insects and animals. Not just the grapes!

So next time you’re popping to the supermarket after work to pick up a bottle or you’re out for dinner, keep your eyes peeled for Biodynamic Wines and enjoy! Can’t find any Biodynamic Wine? Sparkling White Wine is very high in sulphites so try and avoid that. ‘Good wines’ will generally be lower in sulphites, but Champagne is the least packed with sulphites because it’s fermented in the bottle. So that’s a good excuse to pick Champagne, as if we needed any more excuses!

John & Karen (Developers of Natural Elements) says “we’ve experimented with a few biodynamic wines and il be honest sometimes they aren’t terribly great. The choice is quite limited at the moment, but it is growing.I suffer with sulphites, so I go hunting regularly for a well bodied red. I suggest trying the French regions and do some homework. You’ll find one you like eventually.”

Happy Wine Tasting!

P.S If you are going to enjoy a nice cold glass of Wine this evening, please drink responsibly. Don’t forget to moisturise before bed.



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