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Detox Your Liver This January

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 08 January 2019

Possibly the most common New Years Resolution of all time is to get fit, detox & quite a few of us take part in 'Dry Jan'. 

The intention to detox is usually coming from a good place but detoxing wrongly can cause huge health issues. Your liver is your bodies natural detoxifier and forcing yourself to live off 2 cups of 'special juice' a day isn't giving your body enough of what you need. 

Your liver works in constant communication with your stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and the rest of your digestive system. Ultimately your liver is responsible for storing and converting nutrients from the foods we eat for your bodies to utilize. The key is to opt for a healthier lifestyle during your detox that will enhance, not hinder, your livers own detox function.

B Vitamins

Methylation is what controls your body's ability to detox and B Vitamins act as fuel for methylation. Dandelion Tea is a great option for a good source of B Vitamins. 

Milk Thistle

You'll know it as the pretty purple flower that looks almost spikey with lovely rocket like leaves around it. Commonly consumed by supplement tablets, milk thistle aids on getting rid of those toxins that have built up in the liver of the joyful festive period!


Easily incorporating into your diet, it's a great one for activating the liver detox enzymes that get to work with eliminating the toxins that enter your body. 


The most dreaded vegetable of your childhood is now your saving grace! Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts & mushrooms are considered 'sulfuric vegetables' and contain powerful antioxidants (glutathione if you'd like to know the name) and they're essential for activating the start of liver detoxification. 

You don't need to go crazy with excessive detoxing this January to help your liver do it's job but a cup of Dandelion tea, some extra broccoli & some ginger added to your diet will support your end goal massively!



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