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Did Someone Say Rosacea?

Did Someone Say Rosacea?

Posted on October 16 2019, By: John Hamilton

Did Someone Say Rosacea?

Red Skin On Your Face?

Rosacea is a very common Skin Disease in the UK but did you know there are actually 4 different types of Rosacea?

We’ve dissected each type and their symptoms. Please be aware we are not recommending you use this page to self-diagnose yourself, we absolutely advise you to see your Dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.

  • Erythematotelangiectatic (ETR) - the main symptoms are redness and spider veins on the face.
  • Papulopustular (Acne) Rosacea - the main symptoms are redness, bumps, pimples and acne-like breakouts.
  • Phymatous - the main symptoms are thickening of the skin, causing a bumpy texture and small nodules.
  • Ocular - inflammation which affects parts of the eye and eyelid. Eyes are red and can be swollen, sometimes appearing like someone has a sty.





With 1 in 6 patients being misdiagnosed with Rosacea every year, it is so important to understand exactly what you are experiencing so you can best treat it. It is no secret that there is no cure for Rosacea and the causes of this disease have baffled the Science world for years.

But that does not mean you cannot find a healthy treatment to make it a comfortable and managed condition. So that is where we come in. We have a range of products that have been extensively researched and tested to give optimum results to Rosacea sufferers, using only the very best 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients.

But, Why are you suffering from this skin condition?

You may believe this is an untreatable condition, but actually in a new wave of science discoveries we now know it can be caused by synthetic chemical pollutants. Many of which actually do exist in the majority of skin care products and certainly makeup.

What we recommend is using non-harsh chemical skin care which is specially designed for your sensitive skin, not only does this mean you are not using irritating chemicals but you actually are creating a barrier between your skin and harsh polluting chemicals that it comes in contact with. This can have very significant effect if used all the time in place of many of today’s skin care brands.

We highly recommend you first, Do not use wipes or other harsh chemical products (usually cheaper personal care products but not exclusively) and only apply makeup and SPF's after you've used a product like ours...totally natural and build to protect your skin from the outside nasties! click here for recommended products