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Eczema Increases four-fold…

Eczema Increases four-fold…

Rates of the skin condition Eczema have increased 400% during COVID restrictions with nearly half of all Britons suffering from these skin issues.

Many of the new sufferers blame Covid-related stress and anxiety for their eczema, while others say that excessive hand washing has caused theirs to flare up. Official figures put the rate of eczema at around 10 percent of the population but a new survey carried out by the Skin Life Sciences Foundation, puts the rate at four times higher.  

They interviewed a thousand people and discovered that eczema was now a problem for 44 percent of them. Of those, 66% suffering from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis blamed their condition on stress and anxiety, many citing the COVID pandemic as the cause.  A further 72 percent said that excessive hand washing, recommended by health advisers to lessen COVID’s  spread, had caused their skin problem to flare up and worsen.

Other triggers for eczema include allergens, perfumes, chemicals, cold weather and some fabrics. John Hamilton advises that using our natural Body Oils, Shower Gels and Body Washes can help prevent this but also help to treat flare ups and irritations. 

 Here is his advice: 

Hands: Nurses who use and come in contact with some of the worst stripping chemicals and products frequently swear by our Hand Wash, Hand Cream and our Active Rescue Cream to help alleviate and prevent irritation.  In fact, yesterday I got printer ink all over my hands, I used the Hand Wash neat, then washed my hands as normal and every bit of ink came off - it’s effective but non damaging to skin.  

We do sell our Handwash and Handcream as a kit, it’s especially popular with home chefs who tell us it even gets rid of the smell of fish - leaving behind a beautiful aromatherapy aroma of lavender and Patchouli. 

Our Active Healing Cream is an intensive healer for the hands too, and can also be used as a bod lotion - quickly healing any scrapes, rashes or irritations. 

Our all in one Body Wash and Shampoo soothes any scalp irritations, leaving your hair in fantastic, healthy condition. It’s better for the environment too, as it does not pollute the ecosystem when it’s rinsed off down the drain. 

For swimmers:

Another trick I use when I have been swimming in a chlorinated pool (or in drying sea water) is to use one of our Body Oils with a Body Wash. Use the Oil on wet skin, even with the shower still running and your skin will reap the benefits. Not only will the oil remove the chlorine or salt but it also counteracts the damaging drying effect of the tap water which can reduce the PH of skin leaving it dry, irritated and vulnerable. I even take any residual oil and comb it through hair - what a conditioner! 

 The interesting thing we are now seeing is that Natural Oils are being shown, in University studies and even are being endorsed by the WTO as being able to kill off and protect against viruses - including SARS and even the different COVID viruses. 


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