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How Trends Make Us Obsessed:

Written by Jonathan Hamilton


Posted on 19 July 2018

How much choice in skin care do we have? Hundreds, if not thousands? There is an abundance of niche brands started by a person with a ‘keen interest in the beauty world’ or mega brands trying to grab your attention with high impact advertising. I guess we have became ‘obsessed’ with skin care or so the internet is trying to tell us.

I recently read an article on the Guardian website by Lauren Cochrane about the new trends (double cleansing and 10 step routines… I’m surprised people have time) and how the market has become flooded with ‘up and comers’ preaching the answer to reinvent the wheel, or at least your age defying serum.

“The skincare boom tallies with the times, of course; with the trend for wellness, clean eating, clean sleeping and exercise. Looking after your skin and making it the best it can be is seen as nurturing, a vital component of self-care.” Lauren comments.

“But for all its association with natural beauty and self-care, is this trend really healthy?”

And that is where the danger lies!

She goes on to mention the article“the skincare con”, by Krithika Varagur who wrote that products bought to achieve perfect skin are “a scam” because perfect skin is un-attainable.

Behind the blogs and Instagram posts are desires to lead consumers into false promises. The Kardashian experience has taken over common sense, by telling everyone to ‘look a certain way’. Should we not just be aiming for healthy skin?

We have nearly fallen victim to that ideology through years of pressure to bend to the will of ‘the latest trend’. We were slammed as old fashioned and now those people call us asking “Apparently Argon Oil is the best for anti-ageing, what product of yours has Argon oil?”. “None. Argon Oil is ok but there are better Oils to use” “click” oh, they hung up. I can remember in the early 2000’s, calling any beauty editor that would pick the phone up to me, trying to convince them on the dangers of bad ingredients and the cancer risks. I was entertained for 30 seconds before being dismissed as a bit of a ‘hack’. Now, they are calling themselves experts because they read a few blogs and attended a dermatology ‘seminar’ in California by some trendy people who most definitely travelled around Asia and found the secret to eternally youthful skin. Sorry guys, you just jumped on the bandwagon after your gap year back packing through Thailand, now it’s cool to be ‘green and clean’ and someone mentioned at yoga class on Thursday you should start a skin care brand.

“I think beauty geeks, myself included, are on the rise,” says Joely Walker, a blogger or something, who knows everything about skin care because she follows lots of brands on Instagram.

I don’t wish to knock these people but the truth about skin care isn’t as wholesome and honest as they pretend it to be. I’m sure they believe what they are doing is a great thing but what they are selling is misleading and I find it very hard to swallow when hard working people, treating themselves to what they believe is something special are actually buying a trendy product that is pretty ordinary.

Do they care about the customers well-being? I’m sure they do but from my experience the interest of the consumer is not at heart, what is at heart is what is the latest trend and how do we capitalise on that trend. They wrap it up in a neat package and it’s sold on a plate for all of us to consume and queue up to buy again.

Natural Elements is still a brand though! It’s a commercial enterprise, we have children to feed and wages to pay, so I’m not preaching we’re golden angels of high beings who would never dare think of making a profit. But we do genuinely care about our customers. We care about the increasing cancer rates, the chemicals polluting the oceans and the decency of not deceiving our customers with false promises for a quick buck. We’re human beings, so are our customers… they are not trends or statistics to us.

Jonathan Hamilton, 

Marketing Director at Natural Elements



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