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How Vital Oils can Lift your Mood

Written by John Hamilton


Posted on 05 January 2021

With yesterday’s announcement it’s safe to say that many of us are feeling pretty low. We wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how essential oils can uplift your mood And enhance your sense of wellbeing. Have you ever walked into somewhere and immediately felt at peace? This feeling is your neural senses reacting. In India the 5 star hotels use Jasmine flowers everywhere to give a feeling of uplifting calm, it is the scent being  picked up by your sensory receptors which are called the parietal lobe. Many naturopath practitioners believe that the impact of scent on healing and wellness is overwhelming . A world leading scientist in longitude of healthy life said in a lecture last year that we understand less than 10% of how our mind works and how our somatosensory system integrates our wellbeing with how we feel about ourselves and surroundings.

Certain essential  oils can cause chemicals to be released within us which give a feeling of happiness, calmness even stimulate alertness. A couple of years ago the TV doctor presenter Dr Mosley even showed that having certain essential oils in  a room can make people even more efficient in tests by 35% and at the end of the program  with him saying he’s now a total believer in their effect on humans.


We use only the highest quality oils so our oil can elevate your mood and enhance your wellbeing. From turning your shower into a mini spa with our uplifting body washes to adding a few drops of oils to your bath will not only give you soft skin it will also leave you feeling calmed and uplifted. Our all new Immortal Oil is a powerhouse of euphoric oils. This is available on pre-order for delivery at the end of this January 2021.

Other oils we have in stock are:

Recovery Oil which contains Frankincense which de-stresses and  promotes feelings of wellbeing and calm. 


Orange, Rose and Lavender Oils are all uplifting and you can find them in our Replenishing Body Oil, Relaxing Body Oil  (this is a great oil for a relaxing self - massage)  and Stimulating Body Oil to enliven the senses, leaving you feeling positive and ready to cope with all life throws at you. For a luxurious, tension releasing face massage,  Revital Oil with Neroli, Rose and Sandalwood alleviates stress, stimulates circulation and enhances mood.  Feel free to ask if you have any questions or need some advice.


Best wishes, John & Karen, Founders Natural Elements