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Maskne, what it is and how you can treat it

Written by EllyM


Posted on 19 October 2020

Are you suffering from breakouts under your mask? With frequent wearing of face coverings we’ve seen an increase in mask induced acne, or ‘maskne’. We spoke to co-founder and dermatologist John to see who we can treat and prevent breakouts.

What is Maskne?

Maskne is a term for spots, breakouts, redness or inflammation around the nose, mouth and chin which are caused by wearing a face covering. “Face masks can increase the risk of irritation and breakouts as the heat can cause sweating which can block pores,” saysJohn Hamilton. “As well as breakouts, the friction of the mask on the skin's surface can create irritation, inflammation and allow bacteria to enter already irritated skin leading to additional issues”, Masks create heat, friction and occlusion on the skin and the moist environment from breathing, talking and sweating is a recipe for breakouts and irritations.

What issues can wearing masks cause?

We are big supporters of wearing a face covering to help with the reduction of COVID transmission but they can cause some skin issues. The issues we’ve seen over the last few months are:

Contact dermatitis – Masks, especially single use ones may contain chemicals that cause allergic reactions. For example, formaldehyde and bronopol can be found in polypropylene surgical masks.

Rosacea – Classically worsened by heat and stress, mask wearing can increase flares.

Seborrheic dermatitis –This can cause inflamed skin and flaking

Folliculitis – When yeast or bacteria infect hair follicles.

How can you prevent Maskne?

Keeping your face covering scrupulously clean is the first step to reducing breakouts. Also consider ditching the make up, which mixed with sweat and mixture can block the pores and encourage bacteria.  However all is not lost if you are wearing makeup, breakouts are not inevitable, using our facial oils and moisturisers create a powerful barrier against these grime and bacteria. 

Adapting your skincare routine is also important to help prevent irritation and breakouts. Cleansing is key and ideally you cleanse morning, evening and during the day if you are wearing a mask for an extended period of time. This will help unblock pores and remove excess sebum , bacteria and grime. Use a cleanser that is right for your skintype,  Clarifying Face Wash is a gentle but effective cleaner for all skin types,  Facewash for sensitive or allergy prone skin helps if the skin is irritated from mask running, and  Detoxing Face Wash will help to calm breakouts and reduce sebum production,, reducing redness and inflammation.


How to treat Maskne

Active breakouts will be soothed with our  Spot Serum which will calm active breakouts with powerful antibacterial and soothing plant extracts.

Soreness and irritation can be soothed with antibacterial and anti inflammatory Active Rescue Cream

Balancing Facial OIl is rich in a host of antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients to help balance sebum production without drying your skin