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Men Have A Beauty Stash, Apparently

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 09 November 2018

We read recently that 38% of men admit to having a stash of beauty products that they hide from the partners!

Now I don’t know about you, but my partner LOVES it when I get my beauty bits & bobs out and he happily lays there while I practise facial techniques & pamper him. Not that he would admit that to any of his friends!

Apparently nearly 4 in 10 (39%) men treat themselves to beauty treatments in their lunch hour. This statistic is only 24% for women! Come to think of it, the boss does come back from his lunch break looking suspiciously ‘fresh’ sometimes…..

Most popular rituals are:

  • Facials (14%)
  • Hair Removal (13%)
  • Botox (11%)

A report found that the most popular beauty products among British Men are:

  • Moisturiser (49%)
  • Face Wash (47%)
  • Hair Styling Products (40%)
  • Fake Tan (22%)

Supposedly men in London are the most secretive about their grooming stash, next comes men from the North East and then Wales.

The most secretive of them all are the millennial men (25-34) with 65% admitting to hiding their stash!

33% of 18-24 years old hide theirs and the older generation are much more open with only 13% hiding their beauty products.

Enjoy hunting for the stash, ladies! Gentlemen, pick a different hiding spot- we’re onto you for sharesies!

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