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Meryl Streep criticises the phrase “toxic masculinity”

Written by Jonathan Hamilton


Posted on 04 June 2019

Meryl Streep: 'We hurt our boys by calling something "toxic masculinity"'

The actor has taken issue with the phrase, saying that such labels block communication and that women can also be toxic.

Meryl Streep has criticised the phrase “toxic masculinity”, saying it is offensive to men. “We hurt our boys by calling something toxic masculinity,” she said. “Women can be pretty fucking toxic … It’s toxic people.”

Streep was speaking at a panel discussion about the forthcoming second season of female-fronted show Big Little Lies, and brought the issue up after co-star Nicole Kidman recalled a male fan telling her about his enjoyment of the first series.

Continued Streep: “We have our good angles and we have our bad ones. I think the labels are less helpful than what we’re trying to get to, which is a communication, direct, between human beings. We’re all on the boat together. We’ve got to make it work.”



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