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Natural vs Natural

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 19 June 2018

Firstly, let's imagine that every time we say Natural, we say it in a sexy, husky voice.

There are many products out there that will use ingredients such as Shea Butter and Bees Wax and be perfectly able to call themselves Natural. Now don’t get us wrong, they absolutely are Natural ingredients but what real benefit do they have to your skin other than sitting nicely on the surface? Just because they are causing no harm, doesn’t mean they are helping anything. That’s why we use Vital oils because they provide a deeper hydration to the skin and also smell utterly wonderful (Shea Butter can often smell a little earthy).

We all need a combination of plants and Science to really get our skin working (sexy voice again please). If a product contains perfectly Natural ingredients but they don’t however deliver results or work in synergy with each other, then are they not simply void?

The issue with the likes of Shea butter is how heavy it is for the skin. The heaviness quite literally results in gravity pulling on the skin, thus causing sagging. In older skin, this can be detrimental by 'dragging' the skin and causing something called mechanotransduction. This is the stretching of skin beyond it's normal expansion resulting in an increased surface area and more sagging. Now, sagging will always happen to a certain extent as we get older. But it can be controlled and prevented to a certain extension, ingredients like this won't help. Shea butter does have nutrients though, including vitamin A and antioxidants like vitamin E, but because of its richness it can cause break outs as it sits on the top layers of the skin. And, the problem with Beeswax is if your Vegan then you can’t really use it if you follow a strict vegan diet.

That’s why we don’t use these kinds of naturals, because there are much better natural ingredients out there to use, which will absorb into the lower dermis layers and provide excellent hydration properties. If you feed your skin a daily dosage of the ‘right’ kind of Natural Ingredients in their purest form (like unadulterated), you will see some truly genuine results. Our bodies are trained to tackle the environments we live in and make the best of a bad situation. Bad situations being pollution, Free Radicals and so on. Feeding your skin the right combination of natural ingredients allows your body to regain its care-free state and put its energy and attention towards fixing the areas of concerns you may have.

Natural should be a synergy of pure, high grade ingredients formulated together to achieve molecular results that work with you to enhance not just your skin but your mind and body.



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