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Our Most Exciting Product Launch To Date

Written by EllyM


Posted on 18 December 2020

Introducing an innovation that’s been two years in the making: an oil that resets the anti-ageing benchmark… Our all new Immortal Facial Oil

In the past week alone we’ve had several dermatology specialists telling us they have never seen anything like it before, this is the most advanced anti ageing product on the market. 

What is Immortal Facial Oil and what does it do?

We have spent two years developing this broad spectrum anti-ageing facial oil. Working with Birmingham University,  we looked at every factor of cell ageing and formulated a product to work intensively at a molecular level to stop and repair damage to cells and tissues.

We have identified which vital plant oils provide the most anti ageing benefits and we have sourced the finest examples of these oils from all around the globe to create this advanced Facial Oil.

What is in Immortal Oil?

Vetiver:  Vetiver oil boosts the growth of new cells and delivers superior cell regeneration properties. Intensely hydrating, moisturising and protecting, it is also an antimicrobial and antibacterial, making it an ideal ingredient to treat combination or sensitive skin that suffers from both dryness and breakouts.

Neroli: uplifting and rejuvenating, this beautifully scented oil is rich in vital nutrients which soften and condition the skin. As well as hydrating the skin, Neroli also stimulates the cells for rejuvenation and renewal, leaving the skin firmer and more supple.

Sandalwood: One of our favourite and versatile of vital plant oils, Sandalwood flights inflammation and the damage caused by inflammation. It’s a rich emollient making it ideal for drier skin types. Sandalwood is also an active antiseptic which soothes and calms skin conditions and inflamed breakouts

Watermelon: This is an antioxidant powerhouse, filled with lycopene and Vitamins A and C to combat free radicals and slow down the signs of ageing. Vitamin A encourages collagen and elastin cells which help your skin stay young and supple as well as fading dark pigmentation patches to create an even youthful skin tone. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, watermelon is a also and effective moisturiser, supporting the skin’s lipids and protective barrier

Moringa Oil:  Rich in EFAs and a host of antioxidants to soothe, moisturise and protect the skin barrier, helping the skin’s natural protection against external aggressors. As the oil is so similar to the oil produced by the skin, it helps to balance and nourish the complexion quickly. Naturally rich in Vitamin E, Moringa helps to address skin issues such as pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles as well as preventing future cell and fibre damage

Kuku:  Used by Hawaiians for centuries to keep skin soft, smooth and radiant,  Kuku oil has outstanding skin-conditioning properties. It is an excellent emollient, highly penetrating and improves skin suppleness and elasticity as well as soothing minor irritations. It contains very high levels of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Argan Oil:  A rare and revered oil, Argan has been used for centuries to help wound healing and soothe atopic dermatitis. Rich in fatty acids and a variety of phenolic compounds inclusingoleic, linoleic acid and omega -6, Argan is a versatile and precious source of essential nutrients for your skin cells

Mongonga Oil: Rich in Linoleic Acid to support skin barrier function and promote skin softness and elasticity along with Eleostearic Acid  which has anti-cancer properties and the ability to suppress tumour growth. Eleostearic acid is also a sun protectant and restores molecular pathogenesis of hypersensitivity, a natural sunscreen!  The oil polymerizes when exposed to UV light which provides a protective shield for the skin and hair. Mongonga is also rich in  antioxidant Vitamin E, magnesium which restores skin from dryness and reduces inflammation. Rich in Zinc which plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy dermis helping to cure or curb several skin conditions such as warts, acne,