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'Photoshop Me Beautiful'

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 27 September 2018

We recently came across an article on Glamour Magazines site about dietician Lyndi Cohen conducting a bit of a social experiment and asking strangers on Instagram to ‘photoshop her beautiful’.

Firstly, the fact that this is a social experiment in the first place is heart breaking but unfortunately that is the world we live in.

Secondly, here are normal photos of Lyndi. I mean, wow right?!

But did anyone just leave her photos as they were because they thought she was beautiful? Oh no. They all made her noticeably thinner, changed her bone structure, made her chest bigger etc.

Check out the videos she’s put of the comparison photos on the article link below or go directly to her instagram @nude_nutritionist.

I tend to talk about this type of subject quite a lot on this blog but it’s SO important to see beauty in each and every person. Male or female. I hope the damage that society appears to be doing to the younger generation now will somehow encourage that generation to make sure their kids blossom to embrace beauty in a very different way.



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