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Put The Brakes on Ageing

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 26 September 2018

Dr Ming-Hui Zou at Georgia State University has been doing some rather interesting research and we just had to share it with you!

If you haven’t tried a fasting diet, you’ve probably thought about it. There are obvious benefits and usually the most prominent is that they do work and in the short term, you will lose weight. The big issue with fasting diets being it’s ridiculously hard & certainly not a long-term solution.

However, Zou and his team have found that a molecule produced during fasting has now been found to apply the brakes to aging of the vascular system which is a process tied to the aging of the human body. Intriguing huh!

When we fast, our bodies enter a metabolic state something called ketosis which means our bodies are turning to stored fats for energy, rather than glucose. Hello, yes please, bye-bye fats.

Not only that but an earlier study at Harvard University last year demonstrated how fasting can actually “alter the activity of the mitochondrial networks inside our cells, leading to increased lifespan, slower aging and improved health.”

Now we know this sounds like a big green light to fast away, but you MUST be very careful to do this in moderation otherwise it could have detrimental effects on your health. If you do choose to try the fasting diet, the recommended fasting times for regular, occasional ‘maintenance’ and rebalancing are one day a week or 3 days a month. Twice a week is too frequent.

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If you’d like to have a read on where we came across this information, the full article is available here:



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