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Serum VS Oil. What is the difference?!

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 04 April 2019

Firstly, both are good for you. Your skin might love an oil and hate a serum or vice versa. So even with all the best knowledge in the world, your skin will dictate to you what will work for you.

But a little knowledge never hurt anybody now did it!

What are Serums?

Serums are skin treatments that contain highly concentrated ingredients made to penetrate deep within the skin. The ingredients in serums are molecularly formulated to be smaller in size, increasing their ability to reach the furthest layers of the epidermis. Serums are usually made of combination of water (depending on the formula) plus actives, like peptides, antioxidant rich vitamins, or resurfacing ones like glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. When we say actives, we mean any ingredient that affects the function of the skin. For example, peptides increase collagen production. This is why serums are made to reach those buried skin layers that are harder to reach with moisturizers.

What are Oils?

Oils provide hydration and nutrition to the skin. Facial oils usually contain plant extracts and essential oils which provide the skin with lipids. These lipids help to fortify the moisture barrier and keep your skin balanced. They also help to protect it from environmental damage which can lead to acne and premature aging. In most cases, the main difference between serums and oils is that oil molecules are much larger and serve to penetrate only the outermost layers of the skin. In fact, an oil blend can contain hundreds of different sized molecules. This makes them more suitable as moisturizers rather than as serums.

HOWEVER, the oils by Natural Elements have been developed with a completely different molecular structure. We use only unadulterated Therapeutic and Pharmaceutical grade oils. The oils we use have the ability to safely penetrate the deeper levels of the skin and provide the best possible results. Which means you get the best of both worlds..

We only use the best natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about anything nasty getting into your blood stream.

We have a really good bunch of experts on hand to talk through your skin concerns with you and help determine what you should be trying.



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