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Skin Care Myths That Are Actually Rubbish

Written by Jonathan Hamilton


Posted on 27 June 2019

1. Use a 5 step routine to CLEANSE & TONE

A cleanser and toner remove excess dirt off the skin before you apply a moisturiser. Yes! do you need 4 products to achieve that? nope! if you like the more traditional routine of a cleanser and toner the toner can assist in your beauty routine, but not everyone needs or wants to do that. Too many products to cleanse your will lead to stripping your natural oils and irritation on the skin (plus leave your skin super dry).

We take a minimalist approach to skin care. The clarifying face wash is a quick and easy product to remove makeup and have a good cleanse. But, if you want more pampering then our cleanser & toner duo is perfect. You don't need to use both for clear pores.

2. Makeup wipes are the best way to remove makeup

makeup wipes can actually cause friction and major irritation. Plus, a lot of makeup wipes have alcohol and petro-chemical bases (even the organic ones!), which can cause stinging for sensitive skin. We've been trying to invent the purest one but it just can't beat our clarifying face wash. 

3. the more expensive the better the product the better

wow! "i have combination skin so i generally have to buy the more expensive moisturisers to help" if you have ever said that then someone has gaslighted you at some point. You can have sensitive, combination or dry skin and still afford sensible natural products. Just because its expensive doesn't mean it will work for you. Our super oil is £69.99 and a lovely product. but, it's not for everyone (because of price or skin type).  It costs us more to produce because poppy seed extract is super expensive plant material. It's a great active ingredient if you can afford it, however, we offer cheaper facial oils that can still give you healthy looking skin and prevent premature ageing.

Find what works for you at your budget, don't get caught in to buying something expensive and think it will be the best thing you've ever bought. Because more likely you're just paying for fancy marketing and directors big salaries...not because the product has the best ingredients for you!

4. Embrace your wrinkles & skin problems

A famous blogger told us "everything wrong with the beauty world. You make people so conscious about how they look you force them to buy expensive products to fix it - when they should be embracing who they are!"

ok! if you can live with your rosacea or wrinkles... you're obviously in a great place and very comfortable with yourself (though many skin issues can be linked with further health issues so we would never recommend just ignoring the problem).

If your someone who struggles with skin issues and want to do something about it then we make products that can help. Its up to you though!  If someone tells you to feel a certain way about what you don't like about yourself...tell them to mind their own business and do what you want to do!  Everyone is different.



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