The Heat Wave is Coming! Don't Pollute Yourself.

Have you heard!? The rumours of an impending heatwave! I thought now might be a good time to share some information about the dangers of traditional sunscreens and how to stay safe.

On Tuesday came the bombshell from the Centre for Drug Evaluation & Research in the USA, they have found that it only takes just one day for ingredients to enter the bloodstream from sunscreens, which can alter hormones in men, women and children! This increases the damage to new cells, which new evidence has proven can become cancerous.

CNN “Sunscreen enters bloodstream after just one day of use, study says”.

We are highly concerned with plastic bags (and rightly so) we are often distracted by the bigger, looming issues we are facing on this planet.

These ingredients - not just used in sunscreen, but across personal care products - are being washed down in the shower, creating billions of tonnes of petro-chemical waste every year. Where does this waste go? In our rivers and across our oceans creating such irreversible damage that our future generations will no longer be able to enjoy going to the beach at all.

The problem is this kind of pollution is invisible – plastic bags can be seen. Perception is ‘well, I can pick up a plastic bag or reuse my bag so I’m doing my part” great! and don’t stop doing that! but, plastic waste accounts for a small percentage of global pollution. 65 million people properly have a bath or shower everyday (we hope most do anyway). imagine 80% of those people using petro-chemical products that washes down the drain. To some degree it is purified and processed…not all of it though.

Now times that by 7 billion people around the world, in countries that often don’t have water purifying technology or give a damn about it (excuse me, china! Clean up your act).

Many countries are starting to ban sunscreens because of the environmental problems they are causing with sunscreen ingredients. We seem to be quite slow on this issue…

Well, what should you do? How do you combat this? Just go natural! Simple as that. we realise not everyone wants to go natural but at least those who do will really contribute to the environmental impact of synthetic & petro-chemical ingredients. Botany ingredients are known to help human ailments and don’t pollute the oceans or wildlife. But, you want to stay safe the sun yet you can’t use a SPF?

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