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Top Tips For Staying Healthy in Winter!

Written by John Hamilton, Bio-Gerontologist & Dermatologist


Posted on 05 December 2018

As the UK braces itself for the annual Winter flu outbreak, protect yourself by surrounding and absorbing the power of botanicals.

The strain of the flu virus that exists this year is probably the worse we've seen & it seems to be getting worse each year. The power of Essential Oils, used properly, can dispel & destroy this threat.

You can build up resistance with Vital Oils which contain Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Amino Acids Sterols, Pantothenic Acid, Lecithin & Folic Acid, all of which are virus inhibition & cell protection. 

Essential Oils of Therapeutic grade are the key, they are not like the aroma oils you buy in the shops for the smells. Ours bring order to cells & tissue, dispel bacteria & infection whilst stimulating repair. All of this just from our Shower gels & oils, especially the body oils which we recommend applying after the shower!

Influenza Viruses enter the cell membranes and spread throughout the body, therapeutic grade essential oils make the viruses collapse before it can go on to cause havoc, even using our powerful hand wash with essential oils means you are not passing it around on door handles etc

Our top tips for staying healthy this Winter:

  • Every morning enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice or grapefruit juice with Turmeric in it (this is great prep for cleaning out the liver of alcohol and rich foods during the indulging season but we’ll dig into that another time!)
  • If the sun is out, enjoy it! It may be cold outside but absorbing just 10 minutes of sunlight on the face can boost your immune system and get you some much needed vitamin D. Using one of our oils on your face whilst in the sun will hold onto that Vitamin D goodness.
  • Wash your hands as regularly as you can! We do of course recommend our anti-ageing & anti-viral hand wash for this, it will prevent any germs or viruses spreading and there will be no drying of the skin!
  • Shower with our Invigorating Peppermint Shower Gel to activate your skins natural defense and add lots of vitamins & nutrients. 
  • If you're more of a bath person in the winter time, add a couple of drops of our Reviving Body Oil. Not only is it infused with Patchouli, Geranium & Tea Tree oils to make it smell amazing but it is PACKED full of vitamins and nutrients that your skin so desperately needs for repair, protection & hydration at this time of year. Ideally used by adding a couple of drops to the bath or apply all over after a bath/ shower.
  • Pick your alcohol wisely! Sounds self explanatory but the cheap alcohol is incredibly bad for you & we don’t just mean an extra sore head the next day. We’ll all be enjoying ourselves this festive season but always try to opt for good quality alcohol.



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