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Warnings issued after commonly used and prescribed emollient cream kills 83 year old woman

Written by John Hamilton


Posted on 21 August 2020

Yvonne Webb, an 83-year-old woman has died after accidentally setting fire to herself while wearing a commonly used flammable type of skin cream. She had applied an emollient cream, which are widely used to treat dry and itchy skin conditions such as  eczema and psoriasis and is believed to be the 16th person to die in this way in the last three years.

This has raised yet again just how dangerous 99% of emollients are, most are filled in inflammable petrochemicals including paraffin. 

Most people do not realise that residue from these emollients can rub off onto fabric of clothes, bed sheets, soft furnishings etc causing a build up which can then easily catch fire.

The crazy thing is that these chemicals are 20 years out of date and in many cases make the skin conditions even worse. 20 months ago, clinical trial in the USA showed that natural products are significantly more effective than the synthetic / petrochemical emollients being sold and prescribed. 

We ask why are they still being sold? and prescribed? Why aren't medical professionals telling people they are risking their lives using these products.

You also need to consider what these awful synthetic chemicals are doing to the skin and body when absorbed? 

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