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We Are a Plant Based Sustainable Beauty Brand

Written by John Hamilton


Posted on 11 December 2020

The landscape of ‘natural beauty’ has come a long way in the past few years and lots of brands now want a piece of the action. According to a Bloomburg survey, the global Natural Cosmetics market is set to hit $49Bn in 2025. This is an attractive market and over the last few years we have seen other brands come to market with misleading and downright damaging products, this ‘greenwashing’ is being used by unscrupulous big businesses to take advantage of consumer’s desire for products that are better for them and better for the environment. 

Ever since we started 20 years ago, we have been passionate about the power and efficacy of natural beauty and once again we are putting our money where our mouth is and walking the walk. This year we have made some big changes. Firstly as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the use of plastics we have introduced a new lockable pump top. This means we no longer need the previous clear over cap we used which we always felt added unnecessary waste. 

Secondly and most exciting of all, we have taken the opportunity to reformulate our water based products to use brand new and 100% sustainable preservative systems. The first is Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate. COSMOS approved, this is on the cutting edge of preservative innovation, there are currently only a couple of brands in the UK using this (and they are much, much more expensive than us). This is made from 100% naturally derived Sugarcane, Star Anise and Rapeseed.  We are also using ECOCERT/COSMOS approved Pentylene Glycol which is 100% naturally derived from vegetable sources, Corn Cobs and Sugar cane (a natural alternative to the petro-chemical version Pentylene glycol). This had made all of our creams richer and so more protective of the skin, delivering additional skin benefits. 

Whilst both of these new ingredients are more expensive than cheaper petrochemical based alternatives, we are fully committed to our mission of natural effective skincare and we will continue to strive and search for more environmentally sound ingredients.

As part of our ongoing commitment we also want to help people identify petrochemical based ingredients in their skin care. You can read more about what ingredients to watch out for here  

See Co-founder John discussing these new innovation in this video