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What does Unadulterated mean? Why should I be looking for this in ingredients?

Written by Kelly Duncan


Posted on 16 December 2020

The Cambridge Dictionary definition is, "not spoiled or made weaker by the addition of other substances; pure".

For us, it means we only use the best not interfered with raw material ingredients. They are not mixed or diluted or any extra elements added after extracting The ingredients are complete and absolute - just how we like them!

Unadulterated Essential and Vital Oils possess not only their active ingredients, but also secondary plant metabolites and trace compounds which aid in the healing properties. Different botanical regions offer different environmental conditions: soil, climate, altitude are among the factors that affect the plant and its metabolic constituents. Even the way the plant is harvested and distilled can affect the qualities of the oil, so that makes using unadulterated raw materials in our products even more vital.

 So you get the purest and most beneficial ingredients in all of our products.


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