Why you should be thinking of Avocado in your Skincare & not just on your toast!

We don't literally want you to cover your face in Avocado. No amount of love for Avocado on toast should make you want to do that (not that we're judging if you do!).

Avocados have quite literally become 'trendy' in the last year or so. Probably because it's now so well-known to be a source of healthy fat to include in our diets. Avocado is rich in certain mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats that keep our hearts healthy, lower cholesterol, and they even contain fiber and protein to keep us full.

Avocado incorporated into your skincare is an explosion of nutrition waiting to happen, in a good way! Rich in Vitamins A, B, D, E, fatty acids, chlorophyll to reduce inflammation and water to hydrate.

Basically a cocktail of hydration, reduced inflammation, nourishment and regeneration of the epidermis.

We love Avocado that much, it's one of the staple ingredients in lots of our ranges. Check them out here!

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