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business opportunity

Become one of our SCC's (SKIN CARE CONSULTANTS ) and enjoy a new income source  

  • 1.7 million searches per mth are made on google for beauty products in the UK 
  • NHS say at any one time half the country has a skin problom
  • Allergy uk say over 50% of people have allergy's  

You could be offering products to them  which solve there skin problems and don't have allergy's in them  

Also the very best anti ageing skincare products which are organic with no  harsh chemicals  

they are also very affordable ... vegan & not tested on animals 

 you get :

  1. 30-50% discounts ( depending on promotions) 
  2. 30% commission when consumers buy products and you have introduced them 
  3. you can offer customers discounts for coming through you to buy 
  4. you can introduce retailers and salons and get 10% every time they buy 
  5. we can send over seas 
  6. get 5% commission from any SCC you recruit


and all from working from home image-9.jpg

access to a face book page specially for you to hear about ways to market your self and discuss things with other SCC 


[ if introduced by someone please go back to them to be registered / set up as a agent] 






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Make money by recommending us to your clients or by sending clients via your own website, simply by placing a banner on your website or sharing us on Face Book, you can earn commission when clients and friends buy direct from our website.


Once they’ve registered, each time that person comes to our website and makes a purchase you will earn commission based on the value of their order. Example: Someone buys £100 worth of products you will earn a percentage of that value (excluding delivery).


Payments are monthly