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Muscle Recovery Body Oil 200ml

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    Describe how it works?

    A Body Oil to aide in the recovery process? Absolutely! Clinically proven to be a better stimulant than Epsom bath salts in breaking down DOMS (it also doesn't dry the skin out). Mr Carter's Body Oil has naturally better effects than ‘Deep heat’ for swollen or aching muscles too. Featuring a delicate infusion of skin nutrients from botanicals and fruit oils, it acts quickly to address imbalances whilst repairing, re-building and re-strengthening skin for a speedy recovery process. A key product in our range due to its ability to penetrate deep in to the layers of your skin where the new cells are forming, strengthening them and promoting your body's healing internal healing process. No other cream or ointment on the market can penetrate deep into the dermis in this way.

    The natural formulation in the BODY OIL has fruit oils that diminish stretch marks and Anti-Inflammatory properties in the products vegetable extracts prevent swelling. Ideal for Fighters with swollen hands or feet.

    Whats it Made of?

    Pure forms of fruits and vegetable/ botanical ingredients, including Lavender (A powerful anti-inflammatory which helps reduce skin inflammation and redness), Tea Tree (Alleviates inflammation, with anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces itching and staves off infection due to excessive scratching) and Patchouli (high powered healing properties soothe inflammation, lock in moisture and calm irritation). Also, Grapeseed Oil inside this product is a rich source of Omega-6 fatty acids. On application dryness, sensitivity and irritation are quickly banished leaving the body incredibly nourished from head to toe.

    Doesnt have?

    Synthetic chemicals / parabens / alcohols / animal ingredients (or tested on animals) / PEGS / mineral oils / silicones / synthetic colours / plastic microBead / artificial fragrances. Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians!

    How do I use it?

    1. Apply to the body through vigorous massage post-training. Apply our BODY BALM to seal the properties of the oil into the skin and stop any greasy feeling hitting your clothes.
    2. Apply 3 large dollops to a bath and soak for 30 to 40 minutes.

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University Research

Natural Elements brought together a team of individual scientists and dermatologists to lead a new wave of research in molecular geometry of botanical ingredients. 

We then learned something extraordinary from the University academics and that was that size matters!

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