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Gentle Stone Crystal Deodorant (NEW size 90 gram)

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    A Crystal Deodorant Stone made from a Natural Mineral Salt called Alum, which works to prevent odours...

    We’ve been extensively testing 100% natural alternative deodorants for years to see which ones work best, even on hot summer days and especially in the gym and we can honestly say that this Natural Mineral Deodorant Crystal is fantastic! The idea is not completely new but we believe we have found you the best version of the crystal deodorant, at a price and size that most others don’t offer.

    We even asked some bodybuilders in a gym to test this deodorant for us and they could not believe just how good the results were, so expect great results and total protection with zero risks from chemicals.

    Sweating is a natural function of the body and an important one at that. When your body produces sweat, it is essentially removing any harmful toxins. It is also your body’s way of regulating your temperature, which is why you sweat during exercise. In the process of sweating your pores open and release toxins, however, this means your skin could also absorb all the dangerous chemicals that are in your deodorant or antiperspirant.

    Using the Crystal Deodorant (can be used anywhere prone to sweating) still allows the skin to sweat and cleanse itself of toxins, however, the antibacterial properties of the salt contained in the deodorant work by killing the bacteria that is produced once the sweat is on the surface of the skin, neutralising the odour.

    With this Deodorant, you get high performance protection from odour, with zero risk of harm from chemicals.

    Suitable for: all skin types deodrant.

    Recommended use: Dampen under warm water and apply daily, as you would any roll-on deodorant.