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Therapeutic Skin Care For Eczema & Rosacea

In 2003 we began producing therapeutic products (formerly known as therapeutics skin care), suitable for people prone to Eczema & Rosacea. The THERAPEUTIC range gives your body the right natural components to maintain healthy skin, leaving you the choice to limit using prescribed drugs and harsher petro-chemical emollients. There are 2 key benefits to Natural elements therapeutic formulas:

Each product is only made with scientifically proven, therapeutic grade, naturally medicinal, botanical extracts, essential oils and vital oils. The major benefit of these natural & organic ingredients at a therapeutic level is the plant metabolic properties inherent in the molecular structure of the ingredient, such as anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory benefits. They also work better at keeping the skin supply and nourished so the body’s own natural immune system can take care of itself.

we won’t cause any further irritations and sensitivities as we avoid all artificial petro-chemical ingredients, that have been clinically proven to cause dryness and major irritation.