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What is Rosacea, what causes Rosacea

We wanted to take the opportunity to shed some light on this common, frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood skin condition, sharing the most common questions and answers and helping you find ways which can help you.

If you are prone to Rosacea. John, our founder is an expert in understanding what can cause skin problems using his knowledge of skin cells combined with over two decades of experience in dermatology.   

What is Rosacea? 

Rosacea is a very common dermatological condition in the UK, it is an inflammation that causes erythema (reddening) on the face. This can be very sore and can be accompanied by flare-ups, flushing, spider veins, soreness, changes in skin texture, red bumps and sensitivity.  In many cases it is caused by allergies to chemicals used in many skincare products even ones recommended by the medical world... that's why they don't work!

The big skincare brands have a great way at making you think its you with a skin problems when it's actually caused by the synthetic often petrol made chemicals used  within products... here is a typical email we get 

" I just wanted to say, I received the samples of all three products and wow!!! I absolutely love the rosacea set most of the three. I only used it yesterday for the first time and I woke up this morning with skin that wasn’t red or sore. So glad I stumbled upon your site! Already ordered the set, I was going to use up my dermologica products first as I’d just spent £300 on them but I can’t wait! My make-up went on lovely as well so very pleased even if I did just have to spend more money!! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring"

We've spent 20 years helping Rosacea sufferers and when they switch to our recommended products they see improvements fast. However, as a warning, sometimes redness and rashes may not be Rosacea, allergies or extra sensitivity can create symptoms that look like Rosacea.. that's why we give you free the allergy extra sensitive samples free when you order the rosacea samples. 

We have created a range of products that have been extensively researched and tested in the lab to give optimum results to the  Rosacea sufferers. These products contain only 99.9% -100% natural and organic ingredients and no harsh, sensitising petro-chemicals or harsh chemicals which can further exacerbate your condition.

You can buy these products as a complete kit but we recommend trying samples first so you can feel secure that it won't cause further irritation or waste your money - many of clients have spent hundreds of pounds on ineffective ‘cures’ before they find us. The sample kit should last for a couple of days (roughly 2 applications) so you can see the initial soothing effects of the products. Although two days won’t solve your issues as these products need to be over a period of time to see long-term benefit you should feel an improvement after two applications.