Christmas Body Wash Duo, Refreshing and Invigorating | Gift Organza Bag

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    Match your shower with your mood with this dynamic duo! 

    Energise winter mornings with our Invigorating Body Wash and Body Oil gift set. Wake up with the stimulating blend of peppermint and tea tree which gently cleanses the body and hair while promoting strong, healthy skin and hair. PS Besides the essential oils being anti-viral, this makes a great foam bath when tired and getting the winter blues like colds and flu. the head-clearing peppermint is like a relief to blocked sinuses, and its pure natural aromas  are stunning. No perfumes here { alos provides good circulation benefits}

    Refreshing Body Wash and Shampoo is a citrus burst treat for your shower, rich in orange and grapefruit to energise and lift your mood Breakfast with Vitamin c in the shower