Menopause Q& A with Natural Elements Founders Karen Blackmore & John Hamilton

Menopause Q& A with Natural Elements Founders Karen Blackmore & John Hamilton

Your skin changes as you age, and menopause brings unique challenges. We’ve collated all the questions we most commonly see and have put them to our co-founders John and Karen.

What happens to the skin at Menopause?

We commonly see many effects on the skin and body at menopause, the reduction in oestrogen production can lead to dryer skin, intimate dryness, a reduction in collagen production and some people get increased breakouts. The skin is one of the organs which reflects hormonal changes the most, its very structure starts to break down causing sagging, wrinkles and excessive dryness or in a few excess oil or even strange spots appearing under the skin.

 One of the most important things to remember is that if you are using products in skincare and washes, shampoos etc which contain synthetic chemicals (which 99% of products mostly are), this will be contributing to the adverse effects for your skin.

 Many synthetic chemicals interfere with hormones so it’s important to use genuinely natural products which don't cause further negative physicochemical reactions.  Women often at this stage go out and buy expensive branded skincare not knowing they are full of synthetic chemicals which can exacerbate the issues or they go to the GP who prescribe drugs which cause other problems!

What are the main symptoms of menopausal skin and why?

Over the last 22 years we have formulated products which besides not using the synthetic chemicals, are rich in natural extracts that can impact your health and wellbeing.

X-Cell Body Oil is a complex blend of plant compounds to benefit your wellbeing by raising estrogen levels, reducing menstrual pain and skin tightening properties. Anti-inflammatory Frankincense oil is blended with Rose and Neroli, this beautifully scented oil can be used as soothing, beneficial massage oil for dry inflamed skin every day. The oils also contain Boron which has shown in studies to be good for post menopausal estrogen production and unlike HRT has no links to cancer

Recovery Facial Oil is one of our newest oils, developed in conjunction with Birmingham University to blend together the most powerful plant compounds to address menopausal skin issues to nourish and fortify the skin improving elasticity and skin tone. Rich in antioxidants and Essential fatty acids this oil leaves the skin noticeable plumped and firmed. 

One everyday product that we see causing issues is the use of synthetic sunscreens. Read our article here about how synthetic sunscreens can affect the body.  We advise the use of Natural products and oils to limit and protect the skin from imbalances synthetic chemicals can cause. These natural oils not only protect the skin from external aggressors, they can slow down ageing by neutralising oxidative stress and supporting collagen and fibre production deep in the skin. 

What changes should i make to my skincare routine at this time?

We mainly suggest really paring back your skincare routine to minimise sensitivities and remove as much skincare, bodycare and even home care products that have synthetic chemicals (see our article  about what ingredients to look out for) to minimise their effects on your hormones. Simplifying your routine down and using our oils to protect you from free radical, UVA and pollutant damage and help to repair any skin damage and prevent cell decay. Antioxidants are our most powerful weapon in slowing down the main cause of ageing and all of our oils are high in concentrated unadulterated antioxidants.

If you would like to try these all natural, results-driven products, we offer a trial pack consisting of 5 free* samples chosen for your skin type by our Dermatology and Anti-aging expert founder John. The sample pack is worth £15 will include 2 facial oils, a sample of face wash, moisturiser and either a night cream or eye cream. *All we ask is that you cover the £4.99 postage charge.  T&Cs apply. Simply click here to fill in the sample form 

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