Microplastics found in human blood

There’s an article in the Guardian this week that talked about how microplastics have been found in human blood. It’s no longer just the sea that's being impregnated with plastic but actually our own bodies with this pollutant!
We here at Natural Elements have been aware that plastics can leech into products for over 20-years, which is why the packaging we use has been intensively tested to prove it does not break down. Since day one, we have also used glass wherever practical. The plastic bottles we use are also made from recycled raw materials and can be recycled again meaning we are 100 percent recycled and recyclable packaging. Our boxes, bags, tape and even bubble wrap are all recyclable and made from recycled materials.
Our packaging is much more expensive than the heat-sealed soft plastics that you see with beauty products but still, we are able to supply at a highly competitive price sometimes even half the price for twice the size of other brands!
The other aspect of this which concerns us is the vast amount of synthetic chemicals from shower gels and products which go down the drain resulting in hundreds of millions of tons of pollutants going into the water supply which the environment is unable to break down.
In a world of intensive polluting by companies, we are at the forefront of making sure our footprint is as minimal as possible - even down to researching if plant oils could protect humans against 5G penetrating our bodies causing even more stress for human cells to cope with.

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