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About us

Our Origin:

Natural Elements was founded in 1998 by Karen Blackmore and John Hamilton, a biogerontologist ( the study of why cells age and what stops or reverses it). Together, they embarked on a mission to redefine skincare. Through extensive research and collaboration with universities, they discovered that many beauty products, laden with synthetic and petrochemical ingredients, were accelerating the ageing process and causing nearly all dermatology problems.  This revelation led to a commitment to challenging the beauty industry's and even medical establishment norms by not using synthetic and petrochemicals but only plant oils and extracts, which have the most powerful properties for anti-ageing, health, and wellbeing. Over the years, the formulations have impacted on many people's skin issues, not as a cure but showing when you use well formulated natural products, many, if not most, skin issues are addressed

Our Philosophy:

We're not just about 'natural' or 'organic'. We delve deep into the science of botanical compounds, understanding their cellular benefits. Our approach is holistic, focusing on the overall health and well-being benefits that plants offer, not just their impact on the skin.

We embrace the principles of Ayurveda (a holistic system of medicine and wellness that has its origins in ancient India). However, what sets us apart is our commitment to a deeper understanding of compounds through physicochemical and rheological characterization. This meticulous approach allows us to grasp the precise actions of plant chemicals — a distinction that places us on the right path to achieving your wellness goals.

In our pursuit of genuine cellular benefits, particularly concerning age-related issues, we recognize the pivotal role of antioxidants. There is a huge array of products on the market. What surprises us is that many major brands opt for less potent antioxidant oils, seemingly following trends with lower antioxidant levels. 

Moreover, there is a critical consideration that often goes unnoticed: molecule size. We ensure that our products use small-molecule oils which penetrate deep into the skin, enveloping and protecting newly forming cells. This is vital, as typical creams fall short in their anti-aging efficacy due to oversized molecules that merely linger just under the skin's surface.  

Our approach extends to stimulating new cell production, especially for cells and for collagen. We prioritize the inclusion of the best and most potent amino acids, ensuring tangible results. We understand that amino acids play a central role in achieving intense anti-aging benefits


• Embrace Ayurveda principles with a focus on physicochemical and rheological compound analysis.

• Prioritize the use of potent antioxidant oils for combating cell decay and ageing.

• Avoid trendy, low-antioxidant oils in favour of highly effective options.

• Molecular size: We use small-molecule oils to penetrate deeper into the dermis for better cell protection.

• Promote new Collagen and skin cell production with the best and most potent amino acids.

Our Legacy:

John and Karen formed Essentially Yours, a R&D company that pioneered natural and organic formulations for over two decades. This venture was ahead of its time, advocating for a shift from harmful petrochemicals to natural ingredients. Essentially, Yours became the silent force behind many renowned brands, which created the natural organic sector in the early 2000's 

Our Impact:

Natural Elements was introduced in response to the demand for harsh, chemical-free products among professional beauty therapists and salons in the UK. 

Our products gained recognition with consumers as one long term customer said   " we are a rare company in that you're actually bothered about helping people, as opposed to just making money I always say in terms of skincare, in you we trust,"  Setting a new standard in natural skincare. We've also been at the forefront of innovation, being the first beauty brand to incorporate so many huge breakthroughs in cell science, into our formulations.

Our Commitment:

We're dedicated to using only pure, natural ingredients. Our products are designed to correct cell damage, harnessing the concentrated benefits of botanical sources. We continue to lead in developing advanced formulations, ensuring our products offer the best in skincare while promoting overall well-being.

What our clients say...

To help find the right product we are happy to help with product selection. We have a skin/product discovery form which helps our product experts. You're welcome to use it to help us get the right product for you.

There is low-cost, fast shipping (free for UK orders over £50) and sample packs are available. 

We love our products and hope you do too.