Hair today gone tomorrow. Why is it that so many people lose hair volume as they grow older ? Sadly, its usually due to harsh, synthetic petrol chemicals that are found in most hair products.

 Karen, our co-founder is 64 and colours her hair regularly, her hair is healthy and strong with lots of volume. So what's the secret ? Simply from using our natural shampoo and conditioner combinations, she's been able to maintain a good head of hair.

 We have even found some hair colours made in Switzerland which have some natural ingredients and less than the usual strong chemicals to give you beautiful tones at home or in the salon. Karen has tried a selection of the colours and her hair still looks great even when doing it herself at home during Covid...  

Oh and before you think you need a separate shampoo and body wash, no you don't it’s all a big con, don't get taken in you don’t need both.

Only Pure Natural Ingredients