How Does Natural Ingredients Help Rosacea?
Natural Elements Therapeutic rosacea range uses natural plant extracts that will not cause irritation or inflame the skin. Learn how our products are suitable for rosacea...
First, Do You Have Rosacea Or Sensitive Skin?

Rosacea can be very sore and can be accompanied by flare-ups, flushing, spider veins, soreness, changes in skin texture, red bumps, and sensitivity. We've spent 20 years helping Rosacea sufferers and when they switch to our recommended products, they see improvements fast. 

However, 1 in 5 of our customers who have redness and rashes are not actually suffering with Rosacea, but instead are experiencing allergies or extra sensitivity, which create symptoms that look like Rosacea. This then causes a spiral of flare ups because they are using a skin care solution that is making the situation worse rather than better. We wanted to take the opportunity to shed some light on this common, frequently misdiagnosed, and misunderstood skin condition here.

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With Natural Elements Founder 
& Dermatology Expert.


For Long Term Results Our 3 Step Skin Care Routine Will Give You The Best Results

Proven Skin Repair

The plant extracts have recently shown in lab testing at Birmingham university to have large amounts of fatty acids, which is a key component to healthy skin cells

Antioxidant Protection

Rich in powerful antioxidants, this oil not only supports the skin barrier but soothes irritated skin


reduces inflammation helping infections and irritation signs, helping to reduce the flushing and soreness.

Cleans the skin thoroughly but gently

Free from harsh, skin-stripping synthetics, this wash cleanses the pores, removes make-up and firms skin without leaving it tight and dry.

Truly Natural Ingredients

This product contains 98% natural ingredients, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, Steroid free and with no synthetic preservative or perfumes

Therapeutical in nature

Therapeutic means we use natural plant extracts that will not cause irritation or inflame the skin

What If I Have Allergies & Sensitive Skin?

 Many rosacea cases are not always rosacea but in fact are symptoms of extra sensitive or possibly allergy prone side effects. How can you tell? You can’t! even dermatologists will be unable to tell just by appearance. 

We need to establish the problem before we find the perfect solution, so the best action is to batch test your skin with a short trial of 2 different product solutions. 

In these cases we recommend you purchase our trial sample kit below, which gives you both ranges to try (rosacea & hypoallergenic sensitive)

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