The best skincare you will ever use Why?

Here at Natural Elements, we are all about understanding ageing to cells at a molecular level, not just on the surface. Your entire body is covered in millions of cells and damage to such cells is mostly caused by oxidative stress, also known as free radicals. These free radicals attack anything which is of biological molecules, including skins fibres and collagen. If we could stop this process completely then cells would simply not age. But it’s a double edge sword because we need that process to divide cells & multiply, so it’s about control and reducing the damage while still having the necessary cell division aspect.


The most effective anti-oxidants are plant oils and by huge margins. Creams and serums can have antioxidants in them, but they are so diluted and compromised by other chemicals that they become a molecule size that can only sit on the surface. Not being able to penetrate the skin and get to the deeper layers of the skin prevents the anti-oxidants doing what they’re good for, purely because their molecular size is too large. Natural oils, or at least the ones we formulate and make at Natural Elements are in a pure, unadulterated form. This is the best possible quality, even better than organic. Natural oils also keep skin supple within the many different layers while carrying nearly all the vitamins that naturally occur in them.


Creams certainly have a role within skincare regimes, all be it very little. Once we found the oil that suits people’s needs, we created the kit to be focussed on applying the oil and then the cream on top on your face, neck and arms. In the case of our bodies, our natural body oils are hugely beneficial to protection throughout the body. The cream will essentially lock in the oils and act as a barrier to air bound pollutants.

 As Scientists in Cell Ageing Research, one of the aspects that we often talk about is pollutants. Pollutants cause further damage in addition to the natural oxidative process. Unfortunately, most skincare and toiletries used daily are made from synthetic or petrochemicals which are pollutant molecules. Universities involved in cell immortality research say such pollutant molecules increase the decay and even mutation of human biological structure. That includes cancer cells! 

So, with us, you are getting not only the anti-oxidative reduction in a potent form but also not exposing yourself to the harsh chemicals often used in products. That is why you get a different result with us compared to the typical skincare on the market, who are running many years behind in terms of molecular understanding.


Our research is concurring with such studies in major universities into ageing and we acknowledge the information from Cambridge University Molecule Biology Intelligence Unit  Newcastle & Harvard universities and  papers from Dr Daz Q10 . Life Extension Magazine US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health BBA - BioenergeticsBBA - BiomembranesBBA - ClinicalBBA - Gene Regulatory MechanismsBBA - General SubjectsBBA - Molecular Cell ResearchBBA - Molecular and Cell Biology of LipidsBBA - Proteins and Proteomics

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