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Calming Facial Skincare Kit | for skin prone to Rosacea

Natural Rosacea Skincare:

Our Natural Calming Rosacea kit is suitable for people prone to rosacea, made with organically derived ingredients it has been dermatologically tested.

  • Anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral

  • Rich in Antioxidants & Vitamin A 

  •  Perfect for people prone to Rosacea

  •  No synthetic preservatives or perfumes

Our range has helped thousands of people with Rosacea in the UK. 

These scientifically developed plant-based formulations are designed to soothe, calm and nurture the skin.

Please read our independent reviews, at the bottom of the page...

In this kit:

      1 x Calming Face Wash 200ml

      1 x Calming Moisturiser 50ml 

      1 x Calming facial oil 50ml

Many also choose the Konjac sponge, which is available here


These products give your skin the right natural components to reduce redness and sensitivity without petrochemical emollients. 

These natural & organic ingredients soothe the skin at a therapeutic level with anti-bacterial, antiseptic and hydrating properties. They work to keep the skin supple and nourished so the body’s own natural immune system can take care of itself.

Each product is made with therapeutic-grade, botanical extracts, essential oils and vital oils such as Avocado, Orange oil,  Peach extract & Geranium. 


  • avocado
  • peach oil
  • orange oil
  • cellulose
  • rose oil

more about our natural rosacea products


How to achieve the best (and most productive) Natural Elements skin care workout in the morning! Do you use a lot? Do you use a little? how do you find the perfect balance when it comes to getting the best results from natural 'botany' skin care?

 1. Wash your face in the morning using a Face Wash - once a week combine this part with our konjac sponge to gently exfoliate.

2. Followed by a little Facial Oil all over the face & neck. Any residual Facial Oil should be applied to the back of the hands. Remember it’s important to pick the right facial oil for the issue and skin type you have.

3. Apply 2 pumps of face Cream once applied your facial oil. 


(Verified Purchaser)

"I've had much better results with Natural Elements than when I had my subscription with dermatica. This works for me and I really enjoy using the calming range everyday"

100% Vegan friendly

Made In Worcestershire, UK

People also ask...

  • How long show I wait for results?

ideally you should see some results in the first week and noticeable difference in week 2. Ideally give up to 4 weeks to see your skin returning to a healthy condition. 

  • I bought the kit and it hasn't made a difference?

If you purchase the kit and find it doesn’t make a difference in 30 days,  please contact us - we promise to offer you our full support to find a resolution to your skin concerns. This article might help too

  • Should I buy the kit or just a moisturiser?

You can buy these products Individually but we recommend trying the full kits so you can feel the full benefits and see the best results.

You also save money buying the kit rather than each product - many of clients have spent hundreds of pounds on ineffective ‘cures’ before trying our kits and have seen faster results as well.